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time to get off this furry boat

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  • 227 weeks
    action is coming

    new story soon

    i have seen de wae

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  • 241 weeks

    people are wierd

    life is wierd

    shits just wack

    someone wake me up from this fucking dream

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  • 249 weeks
    i will write! ...tomorrow

    imma gunna do it

    i mean it this time

    fo real


    ...in other news, dreadnought is pretty tits

    the betas been pretty enjoyable despite lacking a campaign

    piloting battleships is pretty neat eh

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  • 261 weeks
    to be lazy or not be lazy

    one of these days ill actually get back to writing

    just probably not today

    or this week

    actually this month is bad for me

    next year sounds good


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  • 267 weeks
    im being oppressed


    the mods

    they're coming for me

    hide me pls

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April Fools · 8:55pm Apr 1st, 2016

The day everyone manages to piss me off so easily with their oh so fucking clever joke threads or fucking joke chapters.

Oh shit, I didn't see that coming.

And the shit smeared monogoloids irl that think their fucking cute with their excuses to say April fools when I fucking take them seriously for a second.


Report Shocks · 345 views · #Triggered #April Fools
Comments ( 8 )

3851241 ...I will stab you.

3852200 Come at me bro.

3852231 I don't fight filthy casuals Handman.

3852280 Excuses, pleb.

3852343 I fear neither your potatoes nor yourself, Irishman.

3852383 Prove it then, scum. Face me!

3852387 Very well peasant.

I look forward to my victory, swift as it will be.

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