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    Story Ideas I'll Never Write: The Crossover: Judgement Day: Cornetto Trilogy: Part 2

    So where else could Sunset Shimmer end up that I would like to read. Why not Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls franchise!
    I love the setting, the lore, and exploring new mysterious lands. The question then is where she ends up? When she ends up? And in what role?

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  • 70 weeks
    Story Ideas I'll Never Write: The Crossover: Judgement Day: Cornetto Trilogy: Part 1

    I like stories where the mirror portal goes to different worlds than the generic suburban high school, or Sunset goes to X world. The more common one I've seen is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There's several of these stories, some good, some even well written. The issue is they're all to similar. They start along book one and Sunset is young enough to start year 1, but already good with

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    So... New Pokemon Game (spoilers for Nintendo Direct)

    So a 7 min. announcement for the new Pokemon Sword/Shield (I didn't like the name but now typing it out, it's growing on me). One thing I keep seeing is everyone saying the Galar Region is Great Briton, and I don't see it. What I do see is Italy.

    pic for reference

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    Thrift Store Find

    went to a thrift store this morning. looking through some random picture frames and what should I find but Rainbow Dash kissing Big Mac. looked like a random derpibooru pic printed and framed. I had to stop and gawk. just what story is involved with this sordid frame. who printed it, did they liked it or was it in jest. the world may never know, but now it'll forever be remembered by the

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  • 276 weeks
    something that bugs me about the Equestria Girl's mirror portal

    The Equestria Girls movie's while not that great in my opinion did introduce one of my favorite characters, Sunset Shimmer. but with her introduction comes a disparity in the line of events. how can a Sunset who's high-school age be a student of Celestia before Twilight and then have Twilight grow up all while Sunset stays in high-school? I've seen this line of events tackled many different ways

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Story Idea: [au] the three tribes never united · 5:32am Apr 1st, 2016

the basic concept would be when the three tribes set off to settle new lands, but they didn't all end up in Equestria, in fact non of them did.
thus the pegasai found Pegaopolus, Unicorns in Unicornia, and Earth Ponies at Earth. side note my personal head cannon is that the Crystal Empire is actually the original homeland of the ponies.
I'd imagine the pegasai would take their cloud cities out over the oceans to avoid the cold were they would find the Minos Islands home of the Minotaurs. since both would have a similar militaristic sudo-greek culture they'd hit it off since the pegasai can stave off the harsh storms that threaten Minos and the pegasai still need a ground base and food supply for their cloud cities. their cultures would continue and together under the Pegaopolian banner they would be THE sea fairing force. think the Meditranian Sea at the height of the Roman Empire. but more steam punk pyrates.
the Earth Ponies would set themselves adrift until they land across the seas in the home land of the griffons. originally the griffons are a bunch of divided tribes and are down right savages when compared with their new earth pony neighbors, but given some time the benefits of working together shine through since the griffons like pegasai can manage the weather. and the earth ponies are able to come out with all the pretty shinies that the griffons greedily adore. together they make the name Earth mean something. Culturally I'd picture them developing similar to the Russian Empire. across their domain you'd find countless individual cultures but they all unite in the defense of the mother land. and just like the Russians they take any good idea they come across and run away with it.
the Unicorns unable to compel *cough subjugate cough* their counterparts to abate the cold, soon flee south. seeing as the majority of unicorns were the aristocrats, the land holding lords refuse to leave and freeze. the "Not to be Equestria" despite being fertile and immediately south the now only moderate number of unicorns find themselves divided over leadership. there they encounter the enigmatic Discord. soon discovering that candy based phenomenon is only fun for a little while, the unicorns are pushed further south into the bad lands, were their wondering further thins the heard to only the hardiest and most disciplined of unicorn. finally they reach the far southern jungles. it's there they finally settle isolated from the other parts of the world building Unicornia. the culture they produce I picture like Egypt or the Indus Valley Kingdoms like Syria or Mesopotamia. while their journey to their new home stripped them of their more vain pride, being Isolated by vast desert and thick jungle means when their kingdom does enter the world stage they've developed a holier-than-thou pride instead. still despite having a latter start than the other pony tribes they still come out with deeper arcane knowledge and more exotic resources provided by their homeland

enough world building onto the plot. Discord without any one to piss off continues his shenanigans within "Equestria" were the tree of harmony continues to clean up his mess in a perpetual cycle, until our antagonizing force disrupts this allowing Discords influence to spread further and further. this forces the tree of harmony to give out a call to our beloved mane six, or perhaps other happy go lucky characters. can these heroes learn to cooperate despite their prejudices and learn the value of friendship or will Discords chaos spread across the world, and what of our true cloaked antagonist. all this and more never, probably.

If this story interest any would be authors have at it. cause I sure wont be writing it but I'd love to read it

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