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    So where else could Sunset Shimmer end up that I would like to read. Why not Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls franchise!
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Story Ideas I'll Never Write: The Crossover: Judgement Day: Cornetto Trilogy: Part 2 · 4:39am May 27th, 2021

So where else could Sunset Shimmer end up that I would like to read. Why not Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls franchise!
I love the setting, the lore, and exploring new mysterious lands. The question then is where she ends up? When she ends up? And in what role?
I'm not to familiar with the earliest titles, Arena and Daggerfall. I've play, though not for long, Morrowind and ESO. The games I'm familiar with are Oblivion and Skyrim, the latter I've played for well over 1500 hours.

Sunset and the Oblivion Crisis. I feel this fits well main character only referred to as the Hero of Kavach is a blank slate, has no past and no predetermined characteristics so just slot Sunset in and start a normal playthrough then just write what happens. The issue with this is most quest lines in Oblivion is that they follow the same narrative line I feel. It's join a faction, do something in each city to move up the ranks, when in the upper echelon something happens that you take care of making you the defacto best in the faction. While they're fun to play through and each section is clearly defined to grab your attention and finish before losing said attention, any overarching narrative is minimal at best. and worst still is the impact on the overall world is almost non existent. Same issue with minor quest. So if a story is to be written some liberties will need to be taken, and I don't have enough experience in the game to come up with any.

But I do have some ideas for Skyrim

Sunset in Skyrim. The first difference from the Oblivion Idea is Sunset would not be the Dragon born. It could work if she was. Sunset's early character trait is she wants power. So she shows up in Tamriel, ends up killing a dragon, and discovers she can become more powerful by doing so. But I have a different idea. What if each main faction plot line happened simultaneously, that would necessitate each faction have it's own characture.
So who would Sunset be in this setting.
First she's a High Elf, she'd keep her hair have the golden skin of the high elves and the unique trait of blue eyes that the other high elves don't have. Her main skills would be Destruction (Fire obviously), Alteration, Conjuration and Enchanting. She would be the main characture for the College of Winterhold. For the civil war, Hadvar the Imperial soldier and Ralof the Stormcloak soldier, who each take you through the tutorial. They would rise in the ranks for each faction staying even until later events change how the civil war would progress. Aventus Aretino who wants revenge but without anyone else answering his call would seek revenge himself and find a new family with the Dark Brotherhood. Saadia the Redguard women in hiding would instead find strength in the Companions and make her hunters into the hunted. An early quest has you defaming Sven or Faendal to their mutual love. instead they both have their mirrored plotting revealed and both leaving Riverwood having lost their love. Sven would rejoin with the Bards College and latter find a new calling with the Dawnguard. Faendal would end up in Riften where he'd find his luck change with the Thieves Guild. Finally the Dragonborn who would be a new unique character, most likely Breton though apart from that only that they would be close to the box character.
Story wise here's what I've thought of.
Prologue. Sunset would wake up in the cart full of storm cloaks off to the headsman. although not the end cart with the Dragonborn, she would get her bearings and as the horse thief is downed quickly panic, further spiraling as the fist storm cloak is executed, ultimately escaping with Ralof in the chaos of a Dragon attack. At the same time the Dragonborn would escape earlier with Hadvar. The Dragonborn would heed Riverwood's call and head to Whiterun only to be sent back to Bleakfalls barrow. Meanwhile Sunset would actually get her bearings in Riverwood taking small odd-jobs learning about where she finds herself until hearing the plight of the Riverwood Trader and heads to Bleakfalls Barrow meeting the Dragonborn who gives her a lesson in adventuring. After wards she heads with the Dragonborn back to Whiterun only to be sent out unwillingly to face a dragon. after its defeated the Dragonborn goes to High Hrothgar to learn about his fate, and Sunset heads on carriage to the College of Winterhold to make hers.

Act I. the story progresses as expected for each characture, their various adventures weaving together so by the end each knows of the others. Sunset would become the new Arch-mage having learned that people aren't tools to be used but friends that can be relied on. The Thieves Guild, Companions, and Dark Brotherhood quests would also be completed. finally the Dragonborn would have reunited with the two remaining Blades and located Alduin's Wall.

Act II. The Civil War has changed, with the death of the Emperor by the Dark Brotherhood, General Tulius doesn't have the same support he did before, this also spurs Ulfric to march on Whiterun were the battle ensues. Ultimately resulting in the death of both Ulfric and Tulius As well as their seconds in command. This leaves Hadvar and Ralof in charge of their respected faction as weakened as they are. Meanwhile the Dragonborn comes to Sunset saying he needs an Elder Scroll. Hijinks ensue as they find their way to Black Reach. They are fallowed by Sven now in the Dawnguard and also working with a Vampire? They're also seem to be after that Elder Scroll. The Climax would be when the Dragonborn fights Alduin on the throat of the world.

Act III. Skyrim is in more chaos than ever. The empire has all but abandoned the province to resolve it's own issues of succession. Hadvar controls a faction that still believes Skyrim should stay with the Empire, but it has limited support and unpaid soldiers often turn into brigands. The same for Ralof, without Ulfric and no real threat from the Empire, previous Stormcloak soldiers try to lay claim to what they can. Meanwhile the Dragonborn needs to bring peace to the land so the Jarls can hold their moot and decide the next high king. Afterwards Jarl Balgruf will let him call a dragon to take him to where Alduin hides, maybe Sunset can help. With everyone assembled to fight through hordes of draugr only to be met with a dragon priest who, plot twist, destroys the portal to Sovenguard. After returning Sunset may have an answer, a mysterious mask and a mysterious place that seems outside of time.
Act IV. The new high king has started bringing peace to Skyrim, bolstered by the combined front of Hadvar and Ralof. Alduin is defeated, the Dragonborn has fulfilled his fate, but Sunset still seeks to fulfill hers. Whispers of strange happenings on Solstheim reach Sunset and the call of a certain Daedric prince is hard to ignore.

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