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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”

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It's fate o'clock! · 12:09am Mar 18th, 2016

And my fate is to hang out on Hangouts... wanna join?

Here's a link if you do.

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I wish to join but my wifi is being an ass -.- and not working

3813442 Ah. You know the Mistress of Dreams story? I mean, like... do you remember it? I can't remember what it's called. I might just check your user page.

3813498 Oh. Sorry, I thought you wrote it. I must have the wrong pony.

3813502 i haz no stories up XD

I would but I'm jumping back and forth between this site and some off site projects.

Aw, damn. I was too late. WHY MUST I BE A STUDENT?!

3813610 I'll make another call. Or am I too late now?

3813619 Yeah, everyone else in this house is asleep AND I have school tomorrow (thank Solaris, Celestia, AND God that tomorrow's Friday). Maybe tomorrow afternoon? I'd like to.

*EDIT* I'm sure you saw me on Hangout, but I don't think my audio is going through. My headset, which has my ONLY microphone, has been broken for a couple of months. Do I NEED a mic to use Hangouts?

Well I'll talk here if you want :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Doctor Tex deleted Mar 18th, 2016

3814488 At the point of typing this comment, he has been offline for 19 hours. I'm guessing he is in the Eastern Hemisphere?


Oh. Well maybe when he can then

3814898 Do you use Hangouts? If so, does it require some sort of external mic? (Like a desk mic or a headset)


For a video chat yes. It needs a camera (duh :derpytongue2: )
For a regular chat. Nope. You can use it on a phone

3815215 I was testing a regular chat with a friend, and he didn't get my message. He said that all he heard was nothing. My camera works fine, it's the mic I'm worried about.


Well the computer I have has a built in mic so that flew right over me. Hmm. You may need to check that out

3815351 Mine does too, but... I'm gonna need a new computer AND a new mic.

3815748 Time, I guess. This one's over 4 years old. Totally obsolete.


Oh. Yep time for a replacement. Also for no other reasons besides the fact that I'm listening to it and we're talking about technology

3815763 Cybermen are cybernetic entities.

3815808 From Doctor Who. Nothing special about them, except that they have no emotions.

3815851 Well, there's also the fact that they were once human, just a human body with a cyber exoskeleton. And ISN'T IT JUST PEACHY???!!!

3815351 Well, I have a sticker on this laptop (that I didn't even notice until a couple hours ago) that states "Voice & video calling with built in webcam & mic."






I really need to see that series. Also who was your favorite AI villain

3815948 I know you aren't asking me, but my favorite AI villians are AUTO and GLaDOS.

3815948 The Cybercontroller. Not a big surprise there, considering I'm a total Doctor Who nut.


I know the latter. Glados is the *%$#ing best :pinkiehappy: I don't know AUTO.


Don't know him (cause I don't know the series outside of the weeping angels)

3816004 Have you seen WALL.E?

3816015 Not asking me, but I have. Eve (or Eva if you couldn't pronounce her name) was lucky to have found that plant... after WALL.E gave it to her.

3816025 Well, good thing it didn't have deep roots when WALL.E picked it up, otherwise there goes all chance of humanity's return to earth.

3816086 Eeyup. Extinction of humanity. That would drive the robots to confusion and self-destruction.

3816132 There's also where the tiny plant gets lost in a giant room full of garbage, getting exposed to space, and the ending where the kid killed the last sign of plant life with whatever the hell is in that cup.

(Yes, I watch Cinemasins!)


Oh yeah the evil steering wheel :rainbowwild: :derpytongue2:

Have you ever played Bioshock? Or more importantly it's predecessor system shock?

3816161 I've played it. Eight ours of sightseeing and very few mission objectives... I might play another 72 and beat it. (I love sightseeing)


Wait are you talking about Bioshock or system shock?


Yeah. But is was still fun. Anyhow System shock had one of the first evil AI's I ever saw. Shodan

3816241 Did he/she/it pretend to be your friendly guide, like GLaDOS?


In the second game she talks to you with the voice of a survivor on the ship before showing what she really is; though she is your ally/employer/task giver after that before she deems you a discarded asset

3816161 Actually, yes! I have played Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Bioshock; The Fall of Rapture, Bioshock Infinite, and Bioshock Infinite; B.A.S. I can't say the same thing to System Shock, though.


I played the complete bioshock series. Money well spent. System shock had a main villain AI antagonist. Shodan

3816487 Oh, well, guess I'll pick it up another day.

On a COMPLETELY different note, I see that you are following me. First off, thanks. And second off, *bursts out laughing*. I'm sorry, but the notification I received, "Final Fantasy Forever is watching you" and your Avatar just go well together...

But, seriously, thanks.


It's an old game. Honestly just watch a playthrough of it.

:rainbowlaugh: Your welcome...though I am always watching :coolphoto:

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