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Dapper It's Cold Outside · 2:40am Mar 13th, 2016

Baby, it's Cold Outside
Captain Unstoppable

While the weather outside is oh so frightful for Rainbow Dash, the fire inside of the Apple Family's Home is Hawt right now. Due to unforeseen events, a particularly nasty blizzard rolling in from the Everfree, Rainbow Dash's house is ill-suited to keep her warm. This simply shall not do. So, what does this particular, prismatic pony have in mind? Bunk with a roomie of course?

Now, not just anypony will do, specially with how nutty, unbelievable bizarre some of her friends are. So after crossing out the real nutjobs of the elements, its down-to-earth Applejack who's the lucky winner of where Rainbow Dash will be squatting at for the foreseeable future. As with any well formed plan, it goes wrong in every direction but straight as the rural family have all gone out, save for one. One particularly well loved, muscular stallion that will be keeping Rainbow Dash company her entire stay. Uh-huh...

I'd like to say things went well after this, but no story is good without some kind of twist, right? Right? No, just me? Alright, fine. After Applejack leaves, Rainbow hits the snooze button fast and it awoken suddenly by an, ahem, unwelcome sight (yeah right) Big Mac standing over her. Now before any more thoughts race through your head, Mac is a saint. Or at least I think so and how Unstop writes him, not to mention it'd be too contradictory to his usual personality and so OOC that it'd ruin this story. Macintosh, no matter what brush anyone paints him with, is essentially the stereotypical 'southern boy', well rounded mannerisms and keeping his temper in check. A few keep notes here and there actually show some of Mac's personal thoughts and how his true nature along the way. He's a softie and enjoys fine things in life but keeps them hidden, it gives his character a profound of amount of depth in a few sentences.

As I was reading this, why hasn't there been any true romantic involvement in the mane six's lives? Besides the unholy hellstorm when TwilightxFlash began, we don't see much with the mares having a real personal relationship with anypony. Dash and Mac seems believable but would it make it make a great episode that MLP would air it to make it canon? That's the only reason as to why I honestly believe it hasn't happened yet. Near the end, it does drag on a ways with how sappy the two conflicting emotions of these two trying to keep their hooves off each other. The tension grows wilder and felt like everything could go here but it doesn't amount to much. It fizzles out with how this could've grown crazier but didn't make that step forward.

While Mac makes himself comfortable and Dash continues to be her naturally cool self, Rainbow seems to slowly fall into a lull with how much courtesy this gentle giant is treating her with. Rainbow can seem so frigid, acting all tough all the time, it's most likely how it drives stallions away from her. There's a typhoon of love and lust roiling in the meat of the story, how one perceives the others thoughts as they exchange pleasantries, despite how crude these two are in that sense. A tomfilly and a reserved farmhoof, it's quite the pairing. Now, I'm no romance enthusiast but this has undeniably made me love how well these two get so close. It's nice to see love in its purest essence without a crude clop scene thrown in. Definitely take your time reading this story folks, you won't be disappointed.

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