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    Celestia stole her heart—literally—and kept it when she promised to give Twilight freedom. Now furious but unable to do anything about it, Twilight copes with her new unlife.
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Finis · 6:30pm Mar 3rd, 2016

I've never been good at endings, not even other stories' endings. The only ending I've ever truly been happy with is the End of Evangelion. It left me feeling like they'd actually wrapped everything up, they didn't leave any unanswered questions. But, look what I'm doing? I'm not answering all the questions at all. I'm simply ending it. I'll be honest, this was the end I planned from the beginning. I don't usually plan the ending or the middle of things I write anymore, but in my mind this was always something that happened.

In a way, I'm disappointed in the end. I just felt it could've been better written. But that is merely to do with my lack of refined skill in the subject of writing.

Regardless, thank you.

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i'd say Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Oban Star Racers and Code Geass also had perfect endings

3792233 I have not seen literally any of those. :rainbowlaugh:


3793049 I don't have the tiiime! :raritydespair:

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