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    Sombra wasn't destroyed cleanly. When some of his power is inherited, how many ponies will fall under its control?
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Deep Tissue, paging Dr. Deep Tissue... · 5:38am Jan 26th, 2016

owwwwwwwwwwwww :fluttershbad:

The storm that hit the east coast has annihilated my back, using a show shovel as its proxy. I feel like Done after Deep Tissue wrecked him. Moved about 240 cubic feet (6.8 cubic meters) of snow. Much pain.

That's not interesting though. Of potentially more interest is that I went back to the Ask the Mares blog post and finally put in the horizontal rules that had been requested. It's still kind of a wall of text; these blogs don't allow much to fix that. At least now though it's easier to see where one question stops and the next begins.

In news that kind of makes me a little sad, I have been given Strawberry Frosting. Her owner sent me a PM saying that he was done writing, and since I was still giving her appearances, he was giving her to me. Makes me a little melancholy, the idea of handing off one's creation that way, but on the bright side, I don't feel the need to be as reserved with her. Strawberry's role in Smoke will always be fairly small. She's Done's maid, not a driving force. But there will likely be more appearances and lines for her ahead than there have been in the past. I'd stick a picture of her here, but I don't have a SFW one. (Edit: And now I do. He sent me one.)

Speaking of pictures that aren't SFW, over on the Smoke tumblr there's a bit of an oddity: a non-canon picture of Done Deal in Artifice's setting--coiled by Tabby, the snake pony from Artifice and teased by an android Shimmer. If such a thing might buoy your naval vessal, head on over there. It's really good quality, done by Sugary Violet.

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Still nice and warm here on the wbest coast. Hope your back feels better soon.

I forgot what the Smoke tumblr was. Care to post a link?

Can't here, FimFiction site rules disallow NSFW links. I'll PM you. (It's really a ridiculous rule, because if you look at Smoke's stats, using the button underneath the story itself, the site automatically gives the tumblr's URL, because of referrals. :P)

What’s the name of the story Strawberry appeared in? Is it clop?

It's pretty nice from her creator to hand her over to you. I’m sure she’s in good hands.* Due to her being a guest character that mostly stays in the background I never really had any strong feeling about her. By giving her more lines and stuff to do she’ll probably become a more interesting character. Maybe there will be some bounding between her and Primavera? They seem to get along pretty well.

*Hands that write naughty clop storiess about her being brainwashed into having sex with a stranger, but good hands nonetheless.:pinkiehappy:


By giving her more lines and stuff to do she’ll probably become a more interesting character. Maybe there will be some bounding between her and Primavera?

That's the intention. I'm not sure which story she's from anymore--her author has changed his name here several times, but she was from a Conversion Bureau story. The past as a human and so forth isn't canon to Smoke. (Guest characters that don't fit show canon probably don't fit Smoke canon, so some has to stay behind sometimes.)

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