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  • 238 weeks
    New Story-"Bad Kitty"

    Through some recent leaks and rumors that MLP will be ending after season 9, it's looking very unlikely that we'll ever get a G4 representation of Catrina, which while I can't expect FIM to reboot every G1 character ever, it is disappointing. And it is rather weird to me that they're probably not going to do it especially after they made anthro cats canon with Capper in the MLP Movie. However,

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  • 267 weeks
    The Last Jedi

    Sooooo I'm confused on why so many people seem to hate this movie.

    Is it because it killed a ton of fan theories? And maybe Luke wasn't portrayed how the fanbase thought he would be?

    Something tells me that's it, but I don't really get it. I thought it was pretty good.

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  • 268 weeks
    Disney has bought Fox

    Soooooo yeah that happened. The X-Men are back where they belong now. Maybe they'll actually put Wolverine in the yellow suit this time. Maybe we'll finally get a good Fantastic Four movie too.

    Also does this mean Anastasia isn't a Disney ripoff anymore?:rainbowlaugh:

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  • 315 weeks
    Patrick Stewart voicing Poop Emoji.

    Yeah. I'm not kidding. Professor X and Captain Picard is voicing a literal pile of shit in the upcoming Emoji Movie.

    See it's things like this that prove that Hell exists, and we're living in it.

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  • 315 weeks
    New chapter for Why Bother!

    I've posted a new chapter of Why Bother if you've been keeping up with it! Here, we're going to be seeing Luxure attending some group therapy with a couple of familiar faces, all of them able to relate to her in some way. And one of them may understand more than they let on. I'm going to do my best to not leave as big of a gap in between chapters for this fic and others. Computer's been breaking

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2 Year anniversary and current writing process · 7:06pm Jan 25th, 2016

Today marks two years that I've been on FIMfiction and a very fun two years they've been. I don't know what much else to say other than the fact that I'm glad to be where I am right now and happy that you enjoy reading the result of me mindlessly pounding my keyboard. It fills me with happy. :twilightsmile::heart:

I just realized this is also the first blog post I've had of the new year also, so that's a thing.

While I have you here, if any of you are readers of From Savage to Civil, it actually has good looking cover art now. :rainbowkiss:

Regarding my current writing process and what to expect. Basically I've figured out how things work best for me, and that'd be that I write what I want when I want to. I know that SHOULD be obvious, but when I have some stories that I can't decide if I want to continue or not, don't know how I want to continue them yet, or other stories are prioritized over others to me, I tend to have a really guilty conscience over some stories not being updated for a long time. But this kind of thing happens when I have so many ideas I want to do. I don't want to sound like an insensitive asshole, but the best way I can put it is to not ask me when something is going to update. I've got other stories I like writing more than others and know what I want to do with them (From Savage to Civil for instance, is one of my higher priorities. I seem to like writing my own characters a lot. :twilightsmile:) I'll write what I want when I feel like it. That's just how I tend to operate lately. If I know for a fact that an idea I have can only go on for one chapter (or maybe a few more but not much) then I'll just go ahead and do it. My newest story "Starlight Glimmer gets dunked on" is an example of that. By the way you should totally read it. It's got some Trollight Sparkle, the princess of rage herself Starlight Glimmer, and Sans. What more could you ask for? :rainbowwild:

Now with that out of the way, here's to another great year everyone. :twilightsmile:

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