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  • 317 weeks
    Back (In Black)

    I swear I'm not doing this on purpose, but... there will be a new chapter of Darkly tomorrow. At least 900 words, significant plot motion and character development. And it's all the product of yours truly.

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  • 341 weeks
    Update on my general status

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd check in and say how things are going, including updates on where I am with various stories.

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  • 345 weeks
    TAGD Emergency Announcement

    I accidentally put out a chapter before it was ready. It's down now until I fill in the gaps between it and where the story left off. So sorry.

    OTOH, if anyone wants to get a Special Sneak Peek™ at the next chapter once I'm done with it, PM me or contact me on Skype ("spacecommie"), because I could use another editor.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • 360 weeks
    Signal Boost: Daybreak

    SpaceCommie: This story is like Lunatics' fraternal twin brother separated at birth
    Sharp Spark: Haha
    Sharp Spark: Wait, really? Howso?
    SpaceCommie: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/222206/daybreak
    SpaceCommie: Shit dude, he's even using the same chapter naming convention as I am
    Sharp Spark: Wow. That's... really long

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  • 360 weeks
    There will be another update of Darkly

    I will not allow it to go a year without an update. Expect a chapter before the end of the month.

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Update on my general status · 1:24am Jan 21st, 2016

Hi everyone. I thought I'd check in and say how things are going, including updates on where I am with various stories.

College has started up again, which, paradoxically, means I might get more done for y'all than I did sitting on my ass watching Stargate over winter break. Now what does this look like

Well, I have a chapter of Darkly nearly ready to go, and it remains possible it'll drop this weekend. I'm sorry it's later than I promised.

Progress on Lunatics was stalled out for a while. I want to finish it. It's going to be finished. But I got bogged down. I'm going to look at what I have for the next chapter so far with fresh eyes and hopefully get something done.

The introduction of Derpy as a better-defined canonical character last year has spooked me too much to continue Parallel. It hurts like hell to say it because I love my Derpy and I think it could have gone interesting places, but the story's been out for years without my having gotten anywhere with it. It'll be marked as being on hiatus as some point. I'm not saying never, I'm just saying it ain't gonna be soon.

Several months ago, I mentioned that I was working on a rom-com involving Rarity, Big Mac, and roughly sixty-eight different Twilight Sparkles. That's still a thing. I think it's gonna be great, but I only have about 2k of it done and I plan to have it completely finished before publishing. So look forward to that sometime in spring (ah, spring, when a young unicorn's mind turns to love. And time travel.)

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Awww. Bad news for Parallel, but you should only continue what you can, when you can, and most importantly, if you want. :pinkiesmile: Really looking forward to more Darkly though! \^o^/ Praise the Sun!

The main difference between Darkly and Parallel is that I have the plot for Darkly basically nailed down and have for probably about a year, whereas I have only a vague idea of where to take Parallel.

That being said, it's taken me much longer to finish Darkly than expected.( [Zeno's mountains!)

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