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I was born at a very young age, love pokemon, fnaf, and making my bros laugh, am awesome in every way, and am easily distracte

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Okay... · 12:51am Jan 13th, 2016


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3682358 okay! You win, what's your oc look like?

Eh, just for the heck of it.

3682393 what's your oc look like?

3682413 okay! Ur the last one, what's ur oc look like?

3682397 Oh um, you don't have to draw something for me if you're already busy, I don't want you to feel overwhelmed.

3682430 I'm friggin BOOOOOOOORED

3689030 yay! (I'm sorry it looks like an adhd mare, but it took an hour and a half.:twilightsheepish:

3689032 no prob. That pic I posted took about 2

3689041 wow, I expected something like that to take days.:rainbowderp:
(('')( teach me your technique, pleeeeeease!

3689052 I'll do a step by step blog in the coming days. Just for you. Because I'm doing a few other people's as well.

That looks cool! I like it :3

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