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Your Friendly, Neighborhood Update · 12:16am Dec 14th, 2015

Hey folks! Long time no read, right? Well, aside from that one little thing a few weeks back, or... something... probably wasn't important -- anyway! I have some good news! The fall semester has finally wound down as of Friday (the 11th), so that means I have a full month off before things get... well, congested again. And boy, do I have some catching up to do, let me tell you. So! Let's start things off by laying out a tentative release schedule for this month off!

First thing's first; here... now-ish, I will be releasing an entry for the Appledash Contest #4: A Twist of Lemon. So, that will be coming out very now-ish. If that's not your thing, no big deal! I'll just hate you forever and make puppydog eyes at you every time we cross paths until you give in to the dark side. It will be broken up into two chapters, so writing that will be taking up the bulk of my attention until it's finished. Though, by my standards, it's ridiculously short, so it shouldn't take long *knocks on wood*. So if you follow me and see an update and wonder, ever so politely to yourself, "What the f**k is this sh**?!", this should be your explanation. Lesbian horses. Anyway, moving on!

Second up, You can expect an update to A King Unmatched here very soon. I know you guys have waited very patiently, and I thank you for it. The chapter is mostly done, it just needs a little work and boom. I can't give an exact date, but I'll push to get it finished in the next week or so, if not sooner.

Third, I have started work on Chapter 17 of the Advent of Applejack, so that installment is on the way as well, probably closer to the end of the break. But it is on the way.

And finally, I want to thank you all for your patience and considerate limit on the pitchforks and torches. It's been a crazy year and I'm way behind, but here's to a merry christmas, happy new year, and some pony words!

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Comments ( 3 )

Well a full month off, aren't you cool? Hope you get some well deserved rest. I mean, not as much as I want you to toil away endlessly on The Advent, but still. Can't wait for the next update, give me a shout if you need to pout about how hard it is to get your words out you lout, I know your lone wolf nature is stout but after our bout, you won't be able to keep the flow out

P.s. Rarijack 4 Life

Pfft, we all know better than to break out torches and pitchforks. Then you'd spend your time running, rather than writing.:twilightsmile:

And big sad puppy dog eyes work both ways.

Third, I have started work on Chapter 17 of the Advent of Applejack, so that installment is on the way as well, probably closer to the end of the break. But it is on the way.

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