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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Real Life Has no Hold on Me (+ another story preview) · 6:54pm Dec 13th, 2015

Real life? What the hell is THAT?!? Oh, yeah, that's that thing that keeps getting in the way of serving my King. You know who I mean - that gorgeous shadow pony in the corner of my profile page who is looking that damn Rainbow Dash cursor over with a haughty look, as if he plans to make good on his dark reputation and eat it. Well, if I were to quote him when I asked why he was so fixated on it, he said, "Feeling bored here, my dear scribe. Looking for a little target practice until you regale my fans with your tales of my exploits."

That sentence, seriously, is his sweet way of NOT terrifying me into posting more about him. He knows I freeze up creatively if I think I'M the Rainbow Dash cursor he needs to, er, motivate with a shot across my flank.

I've been writing more - again, like a mad, possessed pony - on my stories wherever I can fit the netbook - work, the break room, the car while my husband is driving, in front of t.v. while clearing out the horrific backlog of DVR shows that have accumulated the past two weeks. My website design clients fight for my attention and every time I even THINK of moving away from stories or Deviant Art, a black hoof shod in steel armor gently tilts my head back in his direction. All it takes is that, hot, sexy voice, a flash of green and purple around the corners of his eyes and I - um, er, what was I saying again, My Beloved King?

Oh, yes, of course.

Though your King does have a small request of you first.

More warm chocolate and whipped cream? I ask eagerly.

Well, um, yes. Perhaps later. But for now, you do have enough material to tease them with another scene for what is to come, yes?

The next thing I know, I am happily copying & pasting away. Mares and Stallions - I give you a segment from a story in the works called, "A Shadow of Doubt":

Location: The Grand Galloping Gala

He wasn't crystal, but his build was impressive. A unicorn stallion of darkest charcoal and ebony jet tail and mane. He wore no costume, only a mask of glittering red crystal covering his eyes and broad nose, ending swooped down, giving him the appearance of fangs. His confident stride was vaguely familiar...

“Welcome,” the Princess greeted. “We are pleased you could - “ suddenly she froze, her blood ran cold. Hot green, absent of eyes, pierced her through the mask – a mask that glowed ever so slightly purple at its edges.

Either this was a sick joke, a lack of proper rest on her part or something was about to go oh so horribly wrong...

“As I am, Celestia, my dear,” the dark, smooth and slightly echoed voice rumbled.


His horn glowed red – a smooth, curved horn, she now clearly saw. A sharp gasp escaped the Princess.

She backed up, hunkering down, her white horn directly aimed at him. “YOU!” she snarled, her voice drowned out to all by the noisy display of fireworks going off in the skies outside. “You can't be here!”

When nothing happened for a moment and he did not attack her, Celestia lifted her head. The mask tipping down slightly so she could see his eyes – blood red floating in that sea of green straight out of the bowels of Tartarus. “Perhaps I am not,” he winked at her.

“You DIED! The crystal heart saw to that!” she spat. Turning she motioned for a guard to come to her at once.

When she turned back, Sombra was gone.

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Comments ( 2 )

What are these "real life" words you keep using? Aren't we all here in Canterlot "real life"?

Wait, was that... Sombra?

His scribe? Oh, my!

Being King Sombra's scribe, my dear 3630459 , allows me a bit more vision than most ponies as to how and why our world works. It isn't always pretty, however, and I won't disturb your innocence by corrupting you with its concepts - THAT'S a job for my King (and doesn't he just do it SO WELL)!

But don't let my boss being the Great and Powerful Pony of Shadows make you shy away from keeping in touch. He largely lets me do as I please in this world on my off time. You being a bookish sort of storyteller (I can tell these things), I would think you would be at least a little bit curious as to an - shall we say, INSIDE into the history of my King's reign over the Crystal Empire. Perchance I can tempt you into a little discussion at lunch over some hay fries, yes?

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