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I make fanfiction sometimes. Just call me 'Talentless'.

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    Does the new site look hurt anyone else's eyes? (+UPDATE)

    Might just be me. I think it was a bit darker before and now I'm kind of squinting at it. I'm sure changing some coding will eventually be for the better but this will take some getting used to.

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  • 313 weeks
    Sorry for the potential Fluttercord spam

    I forgot how good writing feels sometimes. It helps me get out all my frustration every now and then and Fluttercord is super easy for me to write, so apologies because there will be more.

    I'm just in a state of super bliss right now. My ships make me so happy.

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    My Personal Ratings on Season 6, Just Because ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

    I don't like being silent for too long, and aside from a Flashlight fic that nobody wants, the only thing I've done/am working on is a potential sequel to "Let's Talk" (though also probably the kind of sequel that no one really wants).

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  • 324 weeks
    Ahhhh TUT

    I had a Fluttercord dream and it was beautifuuuul. *happy sighs*

    In other more general news though, I am working on a few stories, but I'm not sure how interesting they are to you guys, so I'm not gonna say anything about them. :twilightblush:

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Welp · 1:03pm Nov 30th, 2015

*rises dramatically from the grave* I LIIIIIIIVE!!!

Sorry about SO much silence, you guys. I think what happened is that romance is my comfort zone (you'll notice that my romance stories were all updated very consistently) and the Cutie Mark Crusaders story wasn't where I should've gone even if I had an idea for every story. I took it down since then (especially after they got their marks in the show XD), so maybe I'll be able to jump back into fics again?

For those curious, Sweetie Belle was going to talk to Twilight about history for her class, but couldn't come up with an essay and had to go to class without one. Instead, she improvises a song that everyone loves, gets a good grade, and her cutie mark in singing. I had this half-written.

Scootaloo's mark involved her epic scooter skills, where Fluttershy's animals run rampant and end up nearly getting killed, and Scootaloo's small size and underdeveloped wings help her rescue them.

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