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  • 10 weeks
    Quick Story Idea?

    Hi, folks,

    With Whinny over, I'm sitting on a near-complete chapter of Sensation: Appleloosa, but I want to do a quick one-shot to get myself back in the writing habit.

    Anyone got any stories they particularly want to read about?

    2 comments · 65 views
  • 13 weeks
    Whinny City This Weekend - FREE!!!!

    Hi, folks!

    Once again I'm the Programming Director for Whinny City Pony Con, and it's this weekend! And it's FREE! We're a completely online convention this time around, and we'd really love for you to join us!

    The full published schedule is coming soon, but please check it out! https://whinnycity.com/

    Read More

    2 comments · 61 views
  • 25 weeks
    Life of Syn: COVID and conventions

    Hi, folks,

    Sorry for the lack of activity on my end. Whinny City was eating up a lot of my time until it got pushed back - I hope you'll still be able to make it over 4th of July weekend - and work has been a bit tough lately.

    Read More

    6 comments · 119 views
  • 44 weeks
    Life of Syn - Convention Overload, JINGLEMAS!!!, and something for the pervs

    Hello, folks!

    It turns out that running three conventions in a year ends up taking all your pony time. Who knew? I regret not posting much during the finale and not doing more one-shot storytelling, but sometimes you just have to direct the programming for a few thousand people, you know?

    But we're back!

    Read More

    1 comments · 194 views
  • 44 weeks
    Sensation: Appleloosa

    Huh. Lookee here.

    I wonder what's behind that little red bubble? I guess we'll all have to find out tomorrow, November 26th at around 7PM Central time. :raritywink:

    0 comments · 107 views

No More Doubts. I'm Solving This Once and For All. · 4:30am Nov 18th, 2015

I am a happy horse. :twilightsmile:

Report Vivid Syntax · 254 views · #Best Pony
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Comments ( 3 )

That makes the possessive form of Soarin''s name weird.

Ha! :rainbowlaugh: That's a burden I'm willing to bear.

Nice avatar, by the way. Is that Best Pony himself?

No, it's Undertale-pony Aaron.

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