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Not down for the count yet · 3:21am Nov 7th, 2015

Hellooooooo everybodyyyyyyy!!!!! Didya miss me? Oh I know you did.
I think that you'll be happy to know that Rainbow in the Dark is finally coming off of hiatus after a little over of year of me not even looking at the doc.
But here's the thing, I feel like I have grown as a story writer since then so what's going to happen is that i'm going to completely rewrite Rainbow in the Dark.
Now before anyone flips out, I'm going to keep it the same at it's heart. It has always been Rainbow Dash going through hell and telling her sweet innocent friends about it, and i don't plan on changing that. But I do feel that a few things were rushed, seeing how my 13-14 year old self didn't know how to properly pace something of this magnitude.
For example

“Rainbow, I'm going to be honest with you. If it was anypony else I would of already thrown them into a psychiatric hospital to get help. Though I have a feeling you’re not lying.” The purple princess said with a bit of hesitation. I also have a feeling you’re not going to tell the whole truth. While she did trust her blue friend in every way possible, the way she was just saying everything seemed like she was picking her words carefully. She may have been through a traumatic experience and might try to repress those memories. More or less, Twilight Sparkle was ready to become a shoulder to cry on for the broken pegasus.
“Now I don’t rightly know what happened to ya, but I do think I have a feeling. Dash….did you get sent to the wasteland?” The apple farmer said with a memory of her own experiences with the girl that had saved her life from becoming a group of raiders midnight snack. “Girls, you know how I said that the spell worked but at the same time didn’t? I’m guessing that the same thing happend to Dash, she just got sent to a different place.” She added, trying to explain that the same spell mishap happened to her friend. While her time in the ruins of D.C. was short, it had a lasting impact on her. Making her sleep with her trusty shotgun next her for every night since returning. The thoughts of what happened came back to her in an instant. From her meeting Alyssa, to her first encounter with a Deathclaw, and even when they defeated the Enclave. To say she knew what Rainbow Dash went through would be an understatement.

To be perfectly honest, I feel like I made Applejack's time in the wasteland come out too quickly. What I plan to do instead is hint at it much more than her thinking a few lines for example, some along the lines of her being the only one not cringing whenever RD brings up murder or drops the F bomb harder than a 10 year old on Xbox Live.
Now then since I brought up things like murder and swearing, I don't like the rating that the story is at. The Mojave Wasteland is hell, and there is no doubt about that so I feel like a Teen rating doesn't fit the setting of Fallout New Vegas. Think of it like this, would the Fallout series be as good if it was restricted to being rated T? In my personal opinion, no. There would be too much content lost, along with it not fitting the Post-Apocalyptic setting that the games have. With the series going from T to M, there will be more mature subject matter, along with much more detailed and gory battle sequences. Not only that but the character of Mark is going to change as well. He's still going to be a crazy character but it's going to be a bit more realistically crazy. As in, going from happy and cheery one moment to bashing somebody's skull in with the butt of a rifle. Rainbow Dash will see a significant change, especially compared to her canon counterpart. Meaning both her and Mark will be much more morally gray than your typical "heroes".
Loyalty will play a much bigger role in the grand scheme of things compared to how it would've originally, and that's all i'm going to leave that at.
I really hope those of you who liked the story before hand enjoy just as much if not more now, i unfortunately can't give a date for when the updates will start back up but when they do i'll be sure to let everyone know!

TL:DR- I'm back bitches and so is The Courier

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