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Loopy as you know youre Old enough to know that Love is horrible.... 05 May 2015 - 28.October 2015

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  • 320 weeks
    Okay Loopy im D-O-N-E

    Ok im just sick already ypur fucking messqges with your dates are fucking annoying i dont reqd them at all im just done.
    And yes I found another one and im much happier with her



    And for the another here farewell

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  • 320 weeks
    My Critique to the blogs these days

    So just that you know im not offending any people i just want to tell what im thinking about the blogs im reading everyday.

    So first of i want to start with the "depression" blogs.
    Yes i know how that is i also done that as well. But then for what point?
    I mean for example somepony wants to kill him/herself and writes something that all worry about.

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  • 321 weeks
    Starting to unfollow some people

    Sorry Pals i just have over 100 of blog messages per night and some of them are pointless as fuck haha. I dont will tell who I will unfollow but well i think they dont even notice it so well :trollestia:

    Have a nice day :trollestia:

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  • 321 weeks
    Why I love German Commentary Videos + New Keyboard

    I know some will dont understand a thing but its funny as fuck :rainbowlaugh:

    And i got a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Keyboard for osu! :pinkiehappy:

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  • 321 weeks
    Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends

    Hello my friends from 'Murica :D

    I wünsch ench a feschs Thanksgiving fo Österreich :rainbowwild:

    (Happy Thanksgiving from Austria) :duck:

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Special Announcement · 5:50am Nov 5th, 2015

Well Loopy and Me will see each other in December she will fly to my country :twilightsmile: Im already excited, she will stay over for a week so yeah stay tuned for some photos *blushes* :heart:

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I'm so excited too honey:rainbowkiss::heart:

I'm so glad you're finally together :twilightsmile: :heart:

... stay tuned for some photos *blushes* :heart:


That's awesome bro


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