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  • Thursday
    Tell Your Tale: Where The Rainbows Are Made

    This week, the Mane Six discover the Rainbow Factory.


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  • Wednesday
    Updates and Such

    Well, as a thunderstorm rolls overhead (and hopefully doesn't knock power out), I thought I'd offer some updates on what I've been up to.

    Long story short, I'm pretty much in gaming overload at the moment.

    Horizon: Forbidden West (PC Version)

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  • 2 weeks
    Tell Your Tale: Written in the Starscouts

    This week... Holy crap! Lore!

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  • 2 weeks
    It's tradition at this point.

    Hope everyone's week is going well!

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  • 2 weeks
    Well, color me impressed.

    All 78 episodes on 2 discs, the translation is just as solid as the Hulu version, the subtitles are on by default, and they even translated the mid-episode character cards.

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When your friends know who your waifu is. · 8:48pm Oct 3rd, 2015

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The conspiracy thickens...

I have too many waifus for my friends to keep track of. :twistnerd:

Never mind that I don't have any friends.

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