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All manner of pedantry (or is it ungulatry around here?) · 9:32pm Sep 21st, 2015

[Not entirely seriously...]:pinkiecrazy::trollestia:
Pegasus was a winged stallion of myth, sired by Poseidon and birthed by Medusa; eventually being the steed of Bellerophon the slayer of Chimera.

Other winged horses are that- one may also call them pterippi. However, outside of Saddle Arabia, there aren't horses in FiM. So, pterippus ponies...is probably bad Latin, but seems like a way to avoid just being rude and plebeian calling them wingèd horsesponies.

Here is an alicorn.
imgur.com / crOUIb3
Here is an alicorn princess, complete with shoe and tiara.
imgur.com / ErT9jSw (ed: imgur blocked fimfiction)
So what does one call a wingèd unicorn, or horned pterippus? I am rather fond of cerapterra.

One wonders how, on a site devoted to fiction where proliferation of horse and pony puns is a matter of course, people get "free rein" wrong so often.

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Comments ( 2 )

On Alicorns:

While I am aware of the term for a Unicorn's horn, Alicorn being used to mean a winged Unicorn has seen wide usage outside of Fim circles.

Personally, for peace of mind, I like to think of it as a coincidence coming from a corruption of a Latin portmanteau -- Ala + Cornus.

Wing and Horn.

While I am aware of the term for a Unicorn's horn, Alicorn being used to mean a winged Unicorn has seen wide usage outside of Fim circles.

Damnit, PIers Anthony…but I read his books! Huh.

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