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7.7 unicorns and the Dumb Story Idea · 6:05pm Sep 30th, 2017

I initially thought, on seeing the Starlight Glimmer tag, what with th

Sunset Shimmer. Twilight Sparkle. Starlight Glimmer.
6.7, 8.7, 9.7 (in terms of name length, first.last). All [astronomical light] + [gleam] names. All with streaked manes. All mares. So there's one missing. Shining Armor and Cadence have 7-long names, and were close enough to Celestia, but don't fit much of the rest of the pattern. Celestia secretly teaching Starlight could continue the sequence. There are, somewhat surprisingly, only two 7.7 unicorns in the wikia wiki: Officer Trotter [comics] and Blossom Delight. ("Erroria Animata", the alicorn filly, also fits, but is not on the wiki.)

So who would fit in the middle? Whom did Celestia teach between them?

taken from here and here.

antapex, aureole, azimuth, Canopus, cyclone, drizzle, eclipse, equinox, horizon, Jupiter, Mercury, Miranda, Neptune, perigee, Polaris, primary, radiant, rainbow, sextant, spicule, sunspot, T-Tauri, tempest, thunder, Titania, transit, typhoon, Umbriel

plus "glister" as one option for the "shimmer" replacement.

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Distant Horizon?

I was trying to restrict it to "sky-related (preferably light-related)" + "gleam/glimmer/lustrous" as name-component meanings.

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