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New episode: My thoughts...like that matters... · 8:42pm Sep 19th, 2015

Nothing particularly important, but I felt like I might as well share my thoughts on the new episode today.

In short, it was awesome!

I really feel like with every passing season, each one just gets better. Season 5 is looking to be even more stupendous. :moustache:

Gotta say, my shipping goggles have intensified after today's episode. So much potential Soarindash in this episode, I loved it. :rainbowkiss:

But after last weeks episode and today's, I've really come to appreciate and love Rarity's character. Let it be said, she at first came off as a bit vain or fanciful, but I finally feel like I understand her character.

I finally understand why Rarity is the element of generosity. She is so willing to give of her talents, not to simply make everypony look beautiful, but to help them feel beautiful. :raritywink:

The part where the two polar-opposite sisters said they felt like princesses (last week's ep.) made my heart melt. :raritydespair: :heart:

All in all, these past episodes have been great. So ready for more. :twilightsmile:

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