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More of a furry these days, but on this site for some reason anyway.

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It Lives! · 10:34pm Sep 16th, 2015

From the depths of Tartarus, it crawls to the surface...
Strength, where once was decay, pulses through its being...
Behind its once dead eyes, something stirs...

It's broken, rotting mouth opens with a creak as it takes a shuddering breath to speak-

Hey guys! I'm alive! If anyone is even following me anymore with the faint hope that I return to MLP, know that this hope of yours is fulfilled!

Okay, okay, I'll stop being dramatic and cut to the chase.

As I'm certain all of you know, I decided to permanently quit ponies and explained my reasoning with "a need to grow my artistic soul" or something absolutely stupid and dramatic like that, blah blah blah, basically everyone knows I'm a drama queen that took ponies too seriously and decided to quit to get some distance from a disturbing behavior because all things MLP:FIM were controlling my life and I wanted to think about the long term future.

I certainly am, actually. It's a nice little comic that I think is coming along great (even though it needed a rewrite early on), and if you're fans of my stuff, you should probably take a look at it. There's not much yet to VHV, but I'm trying to post there weekly so it will grow eventually.

But just because you quit the ponies...

Does not mean the ponies quit you.

After a crummy season 3 ending (And M.A. Larson, I say this with genuine appreciation- Thank you for doing what you could for the finale given the circumstances!) and a lack of interest in season 4, I stopped watching... And had no idea what I was missing out on in Tirek.

Suffice it to say, MLP redeemed itself for me in a MULTITUDE of ways, tying seemingly disconnected stories, explaining the rainbow shimmer effect on items in that season, and even giving Twilight a purpose that actually changes EVERYTHING for the show, just like I had wanted with something so drastic as making a unicorn into an alicorn.
It does help that Tirek is an awesome villain and the show all of the sudden went full DBZ in the most unexpected and wonderful way, but that's just icing on a very satisfactory cake.

So! Two things now that I am back here among the not-dead authors!

1. All previous fics (that being two- Metamorphosis? The Story of Another Human Turned Pony, and I've Got PONIES for ROOM MATES!) are still canceled and abandoned. I would like to think that I have gotten better than writing a milquetoast human protagonist or a bland self-insert O.C. They will still be around for all to enjoy such as they are, but updating will cease and will not resurface for any of these old fics and any attempt to cause me to update them will be met with... Well, I'm not sure yet, but you will likely be mildly peeved by the result.

2. If I am to write some more fics other than the ones listed in the above, you will need to be patient with me as VHV is a very significant project which I am taking quite seriously, and updating it comes first before any derivative fan works related to Equestria. I do enjoy writing, and sometimes on certain days I enjoy it more than I do drawing, but drawing is my first-and-foremost favorite hobby and VHV is my biggest and most ambitious project to date- I want to do both of them justice.

Now, in the comments below, feel free to react in utter confusion as to my sudden reemergence from dead-authordom, revulsion in my utter abandonment of my previous fics, and plain bewilderment as to what the heck VHV is.

In the meantime, I have a backlog to end all backlogs of fic chapters that I haven't read. This might take a while.

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