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Game, Why? · 5:22pm Sep 7th, 2015

I was playing Smash Run with Pac Man because I was bored and decided to get a little closer to completing the third board.
Got a decent amount of powerups and stuff. Everything at least high four hundreds, all the way up to low seven hundreds.

That's when I look down and see that Pit has a thousand Speed. How on Earth did the CPU even manage to do that?

Of course, I tell myself "the final thing has to be running; there's no way it wouldn't do that". Naturally, that's exactly what happened.

Pit died six or seven times, and I was well into the final stretch (without even dying, might I add…). He literally passes me at the last second. As in "the finish line just showed up on screen before a white blur just appears out of nowhere".

… I'm just going to end up doing it again, but… Why, game? Why?

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Comments ( 117 )

I don't know but that sounded hilarious

3375465 Was kinda petty to me. :derpytongue2:

I mean, out of nowhere, Pit suddenly has max speed and then the game chooses the perfect final match for him! What the heck!? :raritydespair:

3375469 Yeah I know that's just silly

3375477 I suppose it happened to me, so I'd feel as though that wasn't the case, heh.

I guess it's worth it, though. I got Shulk's stupidly powerful Down-B custom out of all that.

3375489 That's cool, but it sure was a pitty that you lost aint it

3375504 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- stahp eet. :rainbowwild:
Else I'll Pac my things and leave.

3375520 I'm sorry but you have to be a Man to get through things like this.(god help us with these bad puns:facehoof:)

3375527 We'll have to Duck under some hurled tomatoes while Hunting for more puns, it seems. :trollestia:

3375536 I'm sorry but I don't want to find something Mega at the end of this Man trip:facehoof:

3375567 Wii-ll, that doesn't Fit into my plan. I thought we both could find a pun Trainer in a certain LPer. We'd follow his example and plunge the world into a Dark Pit of g-Roy-ning at puns!

EDIT: That last one doesn't sound right at all. Keeping it in. fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/001/c/9/clapping_pony_icon___princess_celestia_by_taritoons-d5pozf0.gif

3375592 Well that was a massive sp-IKE in me wanting to slap a person:facehoof: This is one time where a Fox can't outwit someone...I don't know anymore...

3375623 We're churning out these puns at a super Sonic pace, I say. I've Robin having a pretty great time, though we might be Rushing it a Little bit too Mac for my taste.

3375628 I can't do this anymore, these puns are killing me here

3375678 Whaa? You don't want to Dorf around with puns?
Are you sure you don't want to Link any more puns together? Dedede end will come much more swiftly the more we Ryuse.

3375709 Puns are to Meta for this Knight. So how about we kick these puns to the Kirby and eat some Peaches(um....I have a feeling someone's gonna take that pun out of context:twilightblush:)

3375736 Well, I'm Game, and I think I'll be Watching for some better puns soon. Mario'll be surprised at what pops into my head, and even I'll be surprised while Bowsering through my thoughts.

3375904 That's good for you my friend. I may be a Master at things, and your just simply Crazy with others, but if we went to the Core of the situation here...then I'd probably slap you so hard not even a Citadel could stop that slap.

3375921 True, I am rather Yoshilly. But I'd rather be that than Marth my reputation by being super serious all the time. At least my being goofy is me being just that rather than being rather Sheiky.

3375997 Oh...no just...please stop/

3376025 But I don't want to be Zeldan yet! There are Mortons of puns still left to go, and we shouldn't think any Ness of those that we didn't Pikachuse! If you think that using this many puns is a horrible sin and more than just morally Greninja, then please just Lemmy at 'em!

I can keep up the pun wars, listing off tons of 'em while Olimarching to the groans of disappintment!

3376050 God damn it all to hell...:facehoof:

3376097 Luigi, man, this Samust be awful for ya.

… I probably should quit now that I'm struggling for puns. I almost have Zero of them left. It doesn't Suit me to keep at it, I'll just be at Wario with myself.

3376118 Thank you for stopping.

3376123 Yeah, I honestly am out now. :derpytongue2:

3376131 Hey, it wasn't that bad, was it? :twistnerd:

3376162 But that's just a little bit, eh? Eh? :duck:

3376212 Maybe I don't know

3376218 It's a mystery to us all then… o.o

3376734 I don't know



3376982 Meh, it happens.

3376988 At least it's not a terribly important mystery. That'd be a misery of a mystery.

3377070 … To the best of us?

The best around?

3377149 That no one ever was?

3377818 To befriend them is our real test?

3377842 to train them(somehow) is our cause?

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