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A bit of harmony, a lot of mania, on a foundation of existential thought, sprinkled with logic and innuendo... Damn it, now I'm thirsty.

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  • 424 weeks
    Love is such a fun, abusable, lie of a word.

    I'm not really a brony anymore, in the sense that, pony is cute, I like pony, but, I don't watch the show, have any desire to affiliate myself with the fandom as a whole, nor do I contribute to it. I'm still a writer--and write more than virtually nothing now, yay--but I write original fiction, not pony, these days.

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  • 446 weeks
    RIP, Dignity.

    10:34 AM - (LF> Heavy Main) Harmania: Eyo!
    10:34 AM - Octavia: 'eh!
    10:34 AM - Octavia: It's snowing a bit here so I can't say how reliable my connection is gonna be.
    10:35 AM - (LF> Heavy Main) Harmania: So, I went to the police station.
    10:36 AM - (LF> Heavy Main) Harmania: And on the way, like, there was this construction worker on the side of the road.

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  • 451 weeks
    Have a song.

    Pretty underground song I found on a Canadian radio station.

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  • 457 weeks
    I discovered my comfort zone in writing.

    I mean, the lack of motivation is one thing, but most of what stops my progress is literally just writing half a paragraph and hitting a writer's block, and being dependent on constant dialogue for flow. Found a very noticeable exception to that... namely, writing in first person makes me less dependent on constant dialogue, and results in much higher writing quality. I also don't get constant,

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  • 461 weeks
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent, free for 24 hours.


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Name change! As a side note, anyone want some Rainbow Six game codes? · 8:01pm Sep 4th, 2015

From Ineffable Cupidity to Harmania, a portmanteau of Harmony and Mania, think of it as a temporary name, though I might keep it. Haven't decided yet. Just one part of my rehabilitation, but that's all irrelevant stuff. What does matter is I grabbed a humblebundle for some rainbow six games for Uplay, if any of you guys want it.

As a side note, as I'm embracing my inner mania a bit, I'll be getting a tad... weird. But on a positive note, it means I'm not fueled by barely contained hatred for everyone and everything anymore, which is nice. Just an upbeat, morbid, sadistic, friendly, obsessive curiosity.

Anyway, throw out a post if you guys want the keys!


I've been distracted by Mount&Blade: Warband, and haven't been writing, someone save me! Halp!

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