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A bit of harmony, a lot of mania, on a foundation of existential thought, sprinkled with logic and innuendo... Damn it, now I'm thirsty.

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    Love is such a fun, abusable, lie of a word.

    I'm not really a brony anymore, in the sense that, pony is cute, I like pony, but, I don't watch the show, have any desire to affiliate myself with the fandom as a whole, nor do I contribute to it. I'm still a writer--and write more than virtually nothing now, yay--but I write original fiction, not pony, these days.

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    RIP, Dignity.

    10:34 AM - (LF> Heavy Main) Harmania: Eyo!
    10:34 AM - Octavia: 'eh!
    10:34 AM - Octavia: It's snowing a bit here so I can't say how reliable my connection is gonna be.
    10:35 AM - (LF> Heavy Main) Harmania: So, I went to the police station.
    10:36 AM - (LF> Heavy Main) Harmania: And on the way, like, there was this construction worker on the side of the road.

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    Have a song.

    Pretty underground song I found on a Canadian radio station.

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    I discovered my comfort zone in writing.

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    Amnesia: The Dark Descent, free for 24 hours.


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Have a song. · 10:59am Nov 20th, 2015

Pretty underground song I found on a Canadian radio station.

How are you guys doing? Since, ya know. I've moved away from writing pony--I'm currently working on a short story called "To Begin a Life", about a Christian meeting a rather unexpected death--for the sake of working on independent projects, so this account is pretty bloody dead.

Any of you guys gonna do anything for Christmas?

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Comments ( 9 )

Heading to Japan for the sushi and other fine cuisine. Not much else. What about you?

3556721 Lucky, lucky. Any particular dish you're looking out for?

I never really have plans for the season to be jolly, but I do wanna enjoy some time off after I'm done writing papers before the semester ends... More naps sound nice...

And as always, you got a good ear for music. This gentleman's voice can sure draw you in...

3557977 Oh bloody hell, it's been forever.

3557990 Pardon the late reply, but yes, I'm still up and about. My massage skills are okay at least, but I need to improve on my structure. Also, writing for College is as boring as ever... I take it life's been treating you better lately?

3558151 What gives you that idea?

3558283 I actually have no clue how you're doing, I was sorta asking you. o3o
So... Have thing gotten better since last time we had any sort of chat?

3558297 I wouldn't know! I don't remember what was happening when we last talked.

Not sushi per say, but I'm hoping for a sea urchin dish. Other than that I want nigiri forever.

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