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Just a guy who loves to read.

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  • 352 weeks
    Bronycon was great!

    Last year's was, that is. I didn't go this year. Next year I probably will though.

    This post brought to you by me noticing I hadn't made a blog post since Extended Bronycon Vacation. I did not go on a year long vacation, as disappointing as that is to report.

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  • 410 weeks
    Extended Bronycon Vacation

    Just in case anyone is wondering enough about where my comments are to come looking, I'm on vacation visiting family in the NYC area before Bronycon next weekend. It's kind of unfriendly to sit and read and comment on stuff instead of interacting with the people you flew across the country to visit, so I'll have a limited site presence at best for the next week or so.

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  • 420 weeks
    Another Half Marathon Down

    This time it was the OKC Memorial Marathon. Last year I did the full and the year before that the 5k, so it only made sense to do the half this year to complete the set, especially since I hadn't even remotely trained up enough this spring to be ready for the full.

    As in previous races, I text-to-speeched some pony fic chapters, this time the following:

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  • 427 weeks

    Zootopia was amazing. Go see it, you won't be disappointed.

    Judy X Nick, OTP.

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  • 437 weeks
    Some More Art

    This is a bit of a follow up to Another December Sunday Morning in Dallas. I was highly amused by the official race shirt, and when I managed to snag a commission slot from Sophie I knew what it had to be.

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Regarding Patreon · 2:16pm Aug 30th, 2015

If you are wondering why I canceled or reduced my pledge, it's nothing personal as I modified quite a few. Just cleaning up my finances for the next few months while some stuff settles out.

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Comments ( 5 )

You and making sure you're financially stable should always be your top priority, and I hope everything is okay or at least gets okay soon.

I hate to be a broken record but honestly, your comments are more than support enough. :heart:

3357512 It's nothing bad, actually, more the opposite. I'm about to have my first home mortgage (well, condo mortgage), and I want to be careful while I adapt to what that means for my monthly in and out, not to mention all the other accompanying new expenses that'll bring. Fortunately, I'll be significantly closer to the office and will be on the other side of the rush hour traffic I currently get to fight through, so there will be a certain amount of gas cost (and daily frustration cost!) that goes away.

Well, assuming everything works out, this is still mid-process and things do get derailed unexpectedly.

3357541 No worries at all! Setting up a new home is a huge expense (and like you said, it isn't really the home itself, it is all the associated costs).

We're just thrilled to have you as a reader regardless!

3357541 Well, that's better than financial troubles! That's exciting! :yay: I hope it all works out and that you enjoy your new condo with little to no problems! Of course, having just gone through a similar purchase, yeah... There are always unexpected costs / problems. :ajsleepy:

3357551 3357556 Thanks, you two.

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