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Names Alex I enjoy viewing strange things. Things I like involves being positive, and enjoying some little manga/gaming.

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    I finally cancel my story

    Sup has been a long while for anyone who hasn't chatted with me in either here or discord. However short announcement, I have finally cancel the only story I have due to life going to take more of my time, plus I honestly RP most of the time to relief tension. So apologies for those either with high expectations of this or were hoping this continue. Don't know what would happen in the future

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    Damn it's been so long

    I know a year pass, but god damn. I have been occupied with college, discord, and many private stuff you guys don't need to know... unless you apart of. Though I have been kinda leaving my story dry, besides the fact I lost track with the story's plot. So kinda have me considering rebooting it, since can I try to keep up with everything. Note anyone who has crossover with me, I'm still keeping it

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    Should I restart the story or just wait until I have time

    Let see time to do the story kinda got absorb from RP-ing and my classes, so considering I should place this on hold. Anyway, part of me is wondering if I should remake the story due experience gained and trying to go for a more proper setting. Actually reason is that I may not go intensely to this story and yes it's one of those moments. However, I don't want to make those who crossover to lose

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    I'm not dead and in the mood for some Q&A

    Alright posting this that I'm not dead, though busy with College life and apparently doing alot of RP in Discord. So anyone who might not be at Discord want to ask me any question(though if it's personal I may react sarcastically or might give a diverge answer). Ha so going to come back at an hour or 4:30 pm eastern to check.

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    Found these adorable things and decided why the fudge not.

    The power of aura was futile against the power of diamonds.

    mmm which sweet to go for first

    Fluttermoth is adorable.

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Q&A about Emerl and Harmony · 5:23am Aug 26th, 2015

I have been wondering if anyone wants to ask the upgraded adaptable copy robot of destruction or this version: Tree of Harmony aka Tikal on this blog. Any question that may be inspired to make for Emerl's experience from the Training or want to know the Tree of this version. (By the way I'm still editing or making a place for my editor to place. Plus making a new chapter with a interlude or moments with Harmony)

Report xavex · 283 views · Story: Scales of Harmony · #Fun and Gags
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Comments ( 4 )

When are Emerl or harmey gonna call Andy and/or Jack?(I've had no one to talk to this month also not time has passed on there ...only him stuck on the ceiling like a cat.)

Well currently Emerl is stuck dealing with Tirek's Cult as the monster in him has fun. Harmony has to explain to Equestria about the dark dragons attack without causing a riot. So if I say a good moment that a displace will be summoned by a Chaos Deity to guard the kids. So Discord being a asshole(not evil).

Unfortunately I'm putting the story in hiatus until I'm done revising it.

H0W M4NY F032 H4V3 B33N M0W3D D0WN BY 3M3RL 20 F4R?

If I include the robots during the crossover with Omegalink and Elementbrigade so I would say over thousands. Note: I never given a specific number for the past chapters.
Opponents he has beaten:
1.) The Celestial Sisters (2)
2.) Several dozens of robots and a truck (I will say eggman amount so 201)
3.)The manticore boss (1)
4.)A military of Metal Gears and Phis (So close to a million since robots kept spamming)
5.)Countless robots + Egg Emperor(10,000 or maybe more). There is also Erazor, but that's different.
6.)The zombie/robot war ( he shot an effen cannon until it reach a pluto (random earth solar system), but Celly got over 1,200 something while Simba had 300. Emerl may have killed approximately 497 + 3 angels from evagalion)
7.) Beat up some guards when Sin tried to take over (500)
8.)Destroyed an alternative planet of Equus which would have been grimdark or disposable. (How many lives does Equus normally has. Estimate (several billion or specifically 2 to 4 billion)
9.)A group of poison filled windigos and Sombra's mutts.
10.) A group of scientist and a guard (13)
So a good amount of truckloads or the Alucard amount on decent walks.
Anyway I am making chapter 19 about Sin killing along so counter grew bigger with other things non violent.

I may have missed some kills or defeat.

Harmony: Emerl how many did you defeated that weren't robots.
(Emerl's general self) Alan: Um a couple dozen I think, but what's so important about it?
(Emerl's corrupted self) Sin: I've killed 2 planets I think over trillions, but I think thats too little for a kill count.
(Sword spirit) Sukai: I was a sword of Sir Author so -
Sin: You don't count so shut up.
The souls began fighting as Alan took over.
Alan:So yeah I may have killed alot, but I really do not care about it. The principle is who I killed and was I intended to kill them. So far I haven't killed anyone important that can affect outside my universe.
Harmony: What about Armstrong?
Alan: Well Armstrong technically came from this universe, so I don't count him.
Harmony: When will you go to a displace world by token Summon.
Alan: After I settle doing some crazy shit that these two idiots didn't mention.
Sin: Not my problem you couldn't wake up in time.
*Alan tackle him as he joins the dogpile.*
Harmony: *Sigh* Sorry if xavex didn't satisfy your question, but he doesn't remember the exact numbers.

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