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A bit of harmony, a lot of mania, on a foundation of existential thought, sprinkled with logic and innuendo... Damn it, now I'm thirsty.

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So, I wrote a thing. · 3:04am Aug 13th, 2015

But this blog isn't explicitly about that. Ineffable has been making some progressive changes to myself, and I'm finding I can consistently write now, like, on a day by day basis, instead of procrastinating for six to eight months, then writing an entire chapter in two or three sleepless nights.

I'm not saying to expect like, daily, or weekly updates on anything I write. I'm saying that I should actually be somewhat consistently creating content now.

As a side note, for those of you who remember Fomalhaut, I used to have a very elegant, mildly purple prose. While I was kind of content with it, I found my descriptions slowed down my pacing a bit more than I would of liked, which made individual chapters not go as far as they should of to be interesting. So, I've been experimenting and trying to improve to find a nice middle ground, and apologize in advanced for the fact that my chapters for awhile, at least, will be a bit inconsistent as I figure out how I want them to go.

As for what I wrote, It's the reboot of the Fomalhaut story, Which I'll be sticking to until completion this time around, promise. I can't guarantee quality, or creativity, or consistency, but I can guarantee Trixie being an asshole, multiple different protagonists in different points of the timeline, and large amounts of world building mixed in with moderate amounts of trippiness. I can also guarantee an undefined amount of accidentally meta commentary, that doesn't break the fourth wall, but kind of waves at it and gives it a little smile. Like fourth wall with benefits. Over a committed, long-term relationship that fourth wall isn't ready for and will lead to an unhappy, breakup and divorce that shatters fourth walls chances at love.

Because my fourth wall isn't a slutty gold digger, it's an elusive swinger fourth wall that is mature enough to take its pills and make sure you wear a condom... and I have no idea where this metaphor is even going anymore.

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