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  • 259 weeks
    Bad News [Again]

    Hey guys. Just letting you know, Love is in Bloom is officially on hiatus. Why? Because my computer is kind of unfixable. I have to get a new one. Ugh.

    Sorry, but until then, I'm just putting it on hiatus. It'll come back later though. I promise! With lots more chapters!

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  • 260 weeks
    Bad News

    Hey guys! Just thought I should share some bad news with you.

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  • 261 weeks

    So, as I was copying and pasting the newest chapter of Love is in Bloom from my wattpad account, I had a good chuckle. I treat the readers of my story on Wattpad with one of my favorite songs from MLP plus a picture of the mane six member the chapter fixates on. The song for this chapter was In Our Town from the season five opener, and quite frankly, I just started watching season five on Netflix

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  • 262 weeks
    Muddy Waters: My OC

    In my last post, I mentioned my OC, Muddy Waters. Well, I've decided that while writing Love is in Bloom, I'd work on a few one-shots, which will all be posted in a book together on here, and they'd be focused on him, and his past. I'll show a few important parts of his past, including how he gets his cutie mark, and a couple others. It'll lead up to my main book about him, in which he will have

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  • 263 weeks
    Hello...Just an Explanation

    Hi guys! It's MuddyWaters here. Although, you all can call me Muddy if you want. I don't mind. I've been on here for what, two months? I think something like that. Either one or two. I just wanna say a few things.

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Bad News · 3:13am Aug 10th, 2015

Hey guys! Just thought I should share some bad news with you.

The next two weeks, I will not be able to update my story, and that includes today. So, technically today and next Sunday. Why? Because my computer kinda bleched on me and I had to take it in to get it fixed. And that's going to take this week. Why not next Sunday though? Because I'm going to my cousins for the weekend and I kinda wanna be able to spend time with them. So, yeah...I won't be able to update then either.

Sorry! But I'll update the Sunday after that, plus maybe next week sometime!

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