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Just a guy who loves to read.

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  • 353 weeks
    Bronycon was great!

    Last year's was, that is. I didn't go this year. Next year I probably will though.

    This post brought to you by me noticing I hadn't made a blog post since Extended Bronycon Vacation. I did not go on a year long vacation, as disappointing as that is to report.

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  • 411 weeks
    Extended Bronycon Vacation

    Just in case anyone is wondering enough about where my comments are to come looking, I'm on vacation visiting family in the NYC area before Bronycon next weekend. It's kind of unfriendly to sit and read and comment on stuff instead of interacting with the people you flew across the country to visit, so I'll have a limited site presence at best for the next week or so.

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  • 421 weeks
    Another Half Marathon Down

    This time it was the OKC Memorial Marathon. Last year I did the full and the year before that the 5k, so it only made sense to do the half this year to complete the set, especially since I hadn't even remotely trained up enough this spring to be ready for the full.

    As in previous races, I text-to-speeched some pony fic chapters, this time the following:

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  • 429 weeks

    Zootopia was amazing. Go see it, you won't be disappointed.

    Judy X Nick, OTP.

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  • 438 weeks
    Some More Art

    This is a bit of a follow up to Another December Sunday Morning in Dallas. I was highly amused by the official race shirt, and when I managed to snag a commission slot from Sophie I knew what it had to be.

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Bronycon Bound · 2:16am Aug 2nd, 2015

Can't wait to meet some of you folks in the flesh. My current plan is to haunt the Quills and Sofas room and see what happens. Well, that and attend sessions and probably hang out a bit with the Price of Loyalty folks.

See you there!

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Don't forget to ask the PoL guys about the most important character in the whole series, Dawn. :trollestia:

As an addendum to this I forgot to mention, my name tag will have my username and I'll be wearing a button of my avatar for easy identification.

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