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    Update Mid Crisis

    It feels like every drive is Sunday at one in the morning. Kinda feels funny, eight months ago, I had only just gotten my license. Now I drive a borrowed car with a letter from work taped to my dash stating the fact I am an essential worker.

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    Cowgirl VK

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    Kish, it's been a long time since the last time I checked in. Haven't had much time to. But since today I don't have the response time for gaming, the mental faculties for writing... and most definitely the lung power to do anything physical... I figured I might as well catch you guys up.

    In short, I'm down with the flu.

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    The Eclipse

    This is the ninth time this week I've pulled this up to work on it. Kish it's been a LONG week. I should have gotten this post done Tuesday-

    never mind... life hit the fan nothing I can do about that. So, I got to go north to see the eclipse. We made a day trip of it, and mostly I had a good time.

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WW: A Visitor · 3:35am Jul 30th, 2015

Several years back, we found this sitting beside our back door... Zap got to keep it for a week, before we accidently fed it a Grasshopper that had been eating some grass with bug poison on it. The Spider withered up and died almsot immediately. Somehow... I kind of miss that beast, but glad it never got loose in the house. Zap, however, was quite upset.

Report CowgirlVK · 174 views · #Memories #Spiders
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Comments ( 9 )

Nyah... yuck. I hate spiders.

3281194 Most of the time... me to. But they do keep the bug population controlable. However our door knob wasn't the place we wanted to find that guy.

3281248 Yep, Glitter was freaking out for a LONGtime


3281391 It did die.... They are very sensitive to poison of any type. And actually... I wasn't entirely upset with it, as long as Zap kept it in it's pen. They are native to my area (Be it 50 miles north-west of us) so we think he was a wild one. (There'd been a fire in that area.)

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