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So, This is a Thing · 2:02am Jul 28th, 2015

So, this petition is a petition against foalcon in the fandom. Now, I normally don't bother with petitions as they often have no real power, but this one I actually signed. This was more on principle really. I'm usually a pretty chill guy with the "write and read whatever the fuck you want as long as I don't have to," but children is where I start to draw a definitive line of that argument holding up.

Guys, let's have some very real talk for a moment: bronies, from someone who isn't really in the fandom anymore but remembers the golden age, this fandom has enough of an image problem already. There is already a stereotype of creepy, emotionally stunted weird ass motherfuckers who fetishize horses in an animated children's show and are pedophilic. Now, this is of course wrong for the majority, as almost all stereotypes are. However, this whole foalcon thing isn't really helping the point. I understand writing something doesn't mean that you believe that thing personally- hell, a main character of my novel is a racist white South African who is a homegrown terrorist trying to fight for a new apartheid; what on earth would that say about me using this logic- but it does make it hard to argue in defense of this fandom when we not only have but embrace creepy ass shit like stories where not only are children raped, but they are raped to elicit arousal from the audience.

Like I said, I don't think this will change anything. The internet is the last (or debatably first) frontier for consequence free actions, and so I think all the petitions in the world won't stop people from writing pedophilic stories, but at least it serves as a reminder that this fandom, as big and explosive as it has been, has issues, and we need to be willing to call them out when they grow too large.

I'm not making anyone sign this, and I would never want my beloved crew to do something just because of me, but if you look into your thoughts and feel the same, I'd say sign it and make your opinion known.

With steadfast loyalty,
Pirate King Fowler

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Comments ( 19 )

I believe the petition is beyond stupid. Why does it only apply to fan fiction? What about the countless rule 34 fan art featuring underage characters? Should we ban that as well?

I don't enjoy foalcon either, but signing that petition was a waste of time.

I didn't sign it cause I thought it would do anything. Like I said, it's rare for petitions to do anything significant and I realize since writing that the maker of the petition, while his heart may be in the right place, has no idea how this works.

I just signed it cause I do think it's a conversation the fandom needs to have.

3275195 What a mess that was.

Yeah, I unsigned cause regardless of how much I agreed the message was important, the kid turned out to be a bit of a cunt. Pirate King don't deal with no cunts.

It's amusing for me because I have seen both side of the story to all of these events that have transpired. It started on a story called Blooming Big Mac(won't leave a link for obv. reasons.), people from that story followed the activist to his stories and down voted him,and then he decides to start a petition. But the man himself sounds more like a preacher with the ten commandments branded to his skin denouncing the "filth of the world" than someone who doesn't believe Foal-con should be readable material.

My opinions on the matter are very grey. I'm not against it existing, but I'm more interested in getting rid of the content that exiling the readers, a point I tried to convey to seye eniugnas(the forebearer of this petition) , but since i'm considered a pedophile in his eyes he has deleted all my comments.

By all means vote in the petition. If anything I will rewrite my stories. (As of right now they're kind of vague)

Let me get this straight, people are complaining about foalcon? After we've seen, vore, xnenophillia, bestiality, and consensual/nonconsenual rape, not to mention that one RBD clop when she had that yeast infection... Eugh... All that and they complain about foalcon?! How about we just take down the whole fandom, also. Who the hell takes fan ficton Fan Freaking Fiction that seriously!?!?

Some of these guys need to really take a look at the real world, this is just sad. I'm not signing that thing because it's completely nonsensical...

Comment posted by Matthew Penn deleted Jul 28th, 2015


The publisher of the post was being exceedingly rude to one of the moderators and deleted a majority of his/her posts on his thread. His intentions seem to be more "attention getting" then honorable.

And I agree with you. Its best to avoid people like him. If he's not going to allow for discourse, then why bother with anything he has to say?

There is really nothing wrong with foalcon. Like I said before on his post every fandom does it and the writers know this exist. But I believe the only reason he wants to end it is because he's one of those religion people, judging by the groups he's in. People need to understand this is the internet, fiction never gets hurt, they aren't real people the ponies. Sorry that's so long.

Whoa! It appears I kicked the hornets nest on this one.

Yeah, I don't have any noble intentions on why I would prefer it gone. I just think this fandom has a bad enough reputation already. Again, I'm not down for an outright ban on the whole thing, I just think people need to really think about the "why" of it; aka why does this exist in such quantities.

That's why I didn't take it as seriously as the OP kid did. He was spouting shit like a doomsday pastor. I just think people need to start thinking about the subject. It should be a point of conversation, not an outright banning situation.

My experience with the church taught me that much. Sometimes it's best to let people talk themselves to death.

I'd respectfully disagree in some regards. I don't think foalcon is necessarily good for anything and hurts the community's appearance more than it helps internally. That said, that is just my opinion, and unlike the douche canoe petition writer, I don't think people should be banned just for what they write.

3276316 Mhm. I've posted personally on Seye's blog and (whom I'm sure is an alt account of either him or a friend's) on the petition.They might be hiding under the false claim of "Faolcon is wrong, so it shouldn't exist, and anyone who affilates with Foal are promoting pedophila."

But it's very apparent they (whomever is running this) doesn't understand where to place the blame, so they've targeted anything that even remotely contradicts their terms. I had been nothing but calm and amicable about giving both sides of the story, and explaining that the people they are vilifying are not one dimensional sex-fiends. Yet my posts where deleted, and I'm sure I've been deemed "filthy" in their eyes. I stated as food for thought

Would you consider people who watch Dexter, want to be murderers, or desensitized promoters of violence?

Well, I watch Dexter (the good seasons anyways) and I love it. I'm mostly normal when it comes to not wanting to kill people.

I get you. Again, I don't think reading foalcon makes you pedophilic, but it does make an impression for them nonetheless.

3278324 And I agree with you. I made the point of telling Seye that I was interested on how his petition would effect people. I understand if Knightly makes a hard ban on all foal-con or if he choose to be more conservative and says no mares/stallions having con with a foal/filly/colt stories. The line gets blurry if a story is written where the only characters are consenting youths. If they both are curious, and they are innocent in sex's ulterior motive... where is that story placed?

I know most of the variety of Foal themed stories it's more bluntly used for clopping. But I don't want to hiccup the whole process over again. I Understand the real life implications and do not endorse it. Thank you for being an able body in the shite-storm.

I try to remain such. Glad it seems like we're of a similar mind.

I signed this petition. The cause is great, but I have a bad feeling it's not going to do much good in the end. :ajsleepy: Hopefully I'm wrong.

Again, I'm so detached from the fandom at this point that I'm not advocating it from personal conviction. I'm just coming at it from the logical point that this fandom is a ghost of itself and one of the reasons in my opinion is toleration of bad press.

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