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    Cross-post from Tumblr;

    Just a sketch.

    He’s supposed to vaguely resemble a humanized Dusk Shine, and the colors allude to that. The image is an abstraction for certain types of anxiety I tend to feel quite a lot.

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    Sketching and the creative process.

    Sketching and the creative process.

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    Recent Tumblr updates!

    So, there have been a few new posts to the Ask Asylum Twilight tumblr lately. A message from one of my readers via Patreon made me realize how foolish I was to let the tumblr slide in to inactivity in the way that it did. So I've been getting back in to the swing of things with it.

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    New commission for Rated Ponystar!

    I've been working on this one for a while, and it is finally done!

    Rated Ponystar commissioned this comic a while back. Featuring Applejack and Rara/Coluratura. Looks like some AppleRatura is in their future!


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    A few photographers that everyone should see pt. 1. Houses and flying plates.

    I really should blog more often. Anyway, since imgur is no longer an option for posting my own stuff on here, I'll just have to talk about something else until I settle on a better solution. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite photographers, because photography is an art form that needs more proper appreciation.

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Non-Pone Drawings: Hand sketches/practice. · 11:14pm Jul 23rd, 2015

When it comes to drawing humans, one of the most common issues people have is drawing hands. Hands are possibly the most complex arrangement on the human body, with more varying contours and individual anatomical parts than others, such as the limbs, face, etc. It's easy to get in to the habit of not drawing hands, and simply hiding them. Whether beyond the boundaries of the drawing, or in pockets, or whatever.

I've been meaning to do some serious hand-practice for a long time. I finally got to it today, after much anxiety about how it would turn out. I just typed in "hand" in google image search, and drew based on the photos that came up. I didn't pick them out based on any criteria. I just drew each full size picture of a single hand in the order they came up, until I had five on the page (at which point there was no more room).

Anyway, here are the results;

Of all the results, I think that only one of them looks really screwed up. the others turned out okay. Or at least better than I expected. I need to do more of this in the future.

I found this nice article, which should be useful in going forward;


A well drawn human hand is actually pretty impressive on a technical level, once you realize how challenging it is to do.

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