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Been writing fan fiction for most of my life. Brony since March 2011.

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    Whew, maybe it's finally time for a break.

    I've completed Iron Horse twice in the past week.

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    Happy 21st, Digimon Adventure

    As much as I want to look forward to the Last Evolution film later this year that's supposed to wrap the entire Adventure series up, another part of me will never forget how the Tri films really didn't hold up all that well. Those six films presented way more questions than they answered.

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    I got OBS downloaded and set up. I've gotten pretty decent with speed running Lincoln Memorial on Heroic.

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    I'm not sure what fire lit in me during the 28-hour crash and server transfer, but I've got some blazing creativity to finish up my current story, and immediately start work on a sequel.

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The Clone Wars · 12:30am Jul 22nd, 2015

So, it's been known for a bit that the Togruta are becoming the next playable race in SWTOR.

My first thought was "Hey, awesome!. Maybe I'll start a new class with one."

And then today, it hit me. This is the Star Wars fandom.

"Oh god... All the Ahsoka clones that are gonna be running around..."

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Comments ( 10 )

What I don't like about Swtor, is something I learned the hard way. If you don't play a character for a while, the name will become avalible to stealing. Whose idea was that?

Now my Jedi I named Raven, and was working to making into a bad ass with black white sabers, has to be called something like Râ\/éñ and then everyone says I'm stealing the name.

3258850 I always prefer my names to be somewhat exotic, so to lower the chances of that happening.

What server are you on?

3258896 Not any more...

Was US east, but that was when the game was still in beta. I live on the west coast so meh...

I don't have a computer that can run it.

3258896 I've been meaning to ask, can I add you on steam? Im assuming your Steam name is the same as your name here.

3259047 No, I'm under a different username there.

You over 18?

3259105 Also, Ashoka was an Indian emperor, Ahsoka is the Star Wars character.

3259130 Yeah, I caught the typo too late. Can't edit posts on the mobile version of the site because it sucks.

3259214 Im just glad I can still edit my comments.

Wait, she's not a Twiliek? Well, looks like I guessed wrong. On a more positive note, yay!

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