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    It is I, SuccuPlush, I mean Plushy!

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    GOODBYE (Song of the week)

    Song: 안녕 (GOODBYE)
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    Annyeong 2NE1!

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FNAF 4 Trailer · 8:41pm Jul 21st, 2015


So I'm going to talk about the trailer!


So in watching this trailer I saw quite a few things. Mainly that the animatronics are creepy as FUCK! YEAH!

Also I noticed that with this house set up is kinda weird. No cameras, a lot of blind spots, and Foxy's in your closet... It look interesting, a new set up in comparison to the first three.

To my theory.

I think that the FNAF series is all in a sick child's head. Just like Among the Sleep was all in a child's imagination from abuse he suffered from his mother. I think that the animatronics are real but the child, the victim of the bite of '87, has hallucinations. He thinks Springtrap, Freddy, Goldie, Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica are real and are coming to kill him.

If you pause the trailer where you can see the child's room you'll see 3 things of importance, a toy phone, a purple robot, and fan.

The toy phone looks like it symbolizes the Phone Guy. The phone is off the jack. Remember how in the first game on the fourth night the Phone Guy died? I think the phone being off the jack symbolizes the Phone Guys 'death'.

The purple robot seems like it symbolizes the Purple Guy. The robot is holding whatever little phone or knife thing the purple guy was holding in the game in FNAF 3.

The fan was in all the FNAF games. That one is here because it is in every game. The fan is always on the desk, ever since the beginning.

So my theory, FNAF is all in the mind of the victim of the bite of '87. Ever since the bite he was had nightmares of the Animatronics killing him. They have been so vivid that they turned into hallucinations.

Again, this is just my theory. Scott Cawthorn could be like, "You are dead wrong bitch!" in five days.

So what do you think?

Plushy out.

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I love it!!!

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