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    Lol so like im never here

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    How is everyone? Alive, good? Great

    It is I, SuccuPlush, I mean Plushy!

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    Happy New Year!

    We've made it this long you guys, I'm so proud! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve into New Year's Day.

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2017! · 3:32am Jan 2nd, 2017

Happy New Year!

We've made it this long you guys, I'm so proud! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve into New Year's Day.

I unfortunately am laying in bed, arms covered in hives, very swollen with a rolled ankle. I was worse yesterday night into this morning. Something I came in contact with yesterday, or even the day before fucked me up you guys. But it's okay, a friend of mine announced her engagement today (which I already knew of, she proposed a few months ago) so that was a nice little bright spot.

Everyone has those New Year's resolutions and up until now I never participated in them but I do have one for this year.

Keep improving.

That's it.

This past year has been one of the best worst year's of my life so far. I learned so much, but I also hurt a lot, effecting people close to me. Right now I'm in a great spot and I've never been happier but I will never forget my struggle to get here, which makes me appreciate it even more.

Now! Tomorrow I'm going to get a new computer! My old one bit the dust back in April but I've been lazing around in replacing it as I'm running from a nice little first gen Chromebook for now. But back on topic, with the new computer is coming new projects.


WE'RE GONNA READ A LITTLE TRASH, well more like you're gonna listen to me read a little trash with a little commentary, AND THEN WE'RE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN.

I'm actually gonna review this trash i've been reading over and over for the past few weeks. That... big ol' pile of... Grey trash... Four books worth, with a fifth on the way.

It's not gonna be the whole thing, because I'm lazy and I gotta edit that shit, but it will be a nice little short tidbit just to see if it floats. If not I'll move on, but book reviews are something I've wanted to do, cause I always got that good commentary tho. As soon as I get my computer I'll probably cut the promo for it, CAUSE I'M WORKING ON ONE!

Expect a lot of laughing, my voice probably cracking, and me looking like I just got outta bed, cause that's were I'm recording from.

Also, I am writing, just not on any stories here. They've all pretty much been canned, I'll include some tidbits from the things I'm working on below.

How was your New Year's celebration? Did anything exciting happen on the first day of the new year? I'd like to know!

Anyway, works I'm writing right now;

Title: TBD

“Ah, I see you rehired your old assistant.” Says an older gentleman with a smooth voice and a cruel smile causing Robin to turn and look at him.

“Damien.” Robin replies curtly, “She’s simply joining me for the evening.”

Damien’s smile widens slightly, revealing his unsettlingly sharp canines as he gently takes Penny’s hand in his, brushing his lips across the knuckles. “Well, it’s a pleasure to see you again, it’s been far too long.”

“Pleasure to see you as well.” Penny murmurs, drawing her hand back as she inconspicuously wipes her hands on her dress.

Damien notices, eyes flicking from her hand back to Robin as he maintains his smile. “It’s wonderful that you’ve decided to join us again, my dear. We were missing you at the last few banquets.” He rests his hand into his pocket. “Just what have you been so busy with?”

“The usual.” Robin replies, clutching the glass in her hand. “Expansion is our focus at this time which requires a bit more hands on attention than usual.” She smiles in a sickly sweet manner. “I wish I could’ve joined your little business get together but you understand how it is I’m sure.”

“Of course I do.” Damien then looks back at Penny. “How about you, Penelope was it? What have you been up to?”

“Working.” Penny murmurs, shifting as she feels rather uncomfortable under his gaze.

“Oh, do you work in this city now?” He asks, smile growing slightly at her squirming.

“Yes, I’m a manager at a store nearby.” She mutters, folding her arms loosely as she looks at him.

“Interesting, interesting.” Damien hums, running his tongue over his lips as his gaze trails over both girls. “Well, if you ever grow bored of it, know that there is a spot for you at my company if you desire.”

Title 2: TBD

“Stand up straight.” My Grandmother snaps, glare nearly making me shrivel up.

I do as I’m told though, standing up tall as my chest heaves causing my shirt to cling to me. I glance towards Summer, who’s eyes were clenched closed as she rubs her swollen throat. I don’t understand why Grandmother keeps making her sing, she’s sick, her neck’s really swollen with two large bumps on both sides.

“Are you okay?” I ask softly, causing Summer to jump slightly before shaking her head, tears beginning to pool in her brown eyes as she looks away.

“I don’t see how you four think you’re going to win that competition tomorrow, you’re doing absolutely horrible. Especially you Anastasia.” I look away at her words. “It’s like you can’t do two things at once! I don’t know how you plan to find anyone, no one likes a fat klutz!”

“Sorry Grandmother…” I murmur quietly, looking down at myself as she once again points out the ever present fat on my body.

“Oh, don’t sulk like that dear.” Grandmother says softly, reaching over as she combs my short brown hair out of my face. “I just want you to be the best you can be.”

I nod softly, looking towards her. “I know, I’ll try harder.”

She smiles slightly, drawing her hand away before continuing with her talk. I tune out, watching her. I had always aspired to be like my Grandmother, not in the sense she had had multiple divorces but for the fact she seemed so sure of herself. Not to mention she’s gorgeous, and small too. You can’t even tell that she had six kids, dime thin with the most perfect figure I had ever seen.

“Now,” Her voice draws me back to the present, eyes readjusting. “Since it’s late, I suppose you all can go and get something to eat.” We all relax slightly, a subtle shift in stance. “Except for you Anastasia. You will stay here and keep running through the dance, and you won’t stop until you get it right.”

I nod softly, knowing that was a statement that wasn’t looking for a true answer. I feel Meiji start to say something only for her mouth to close as she bows slightly, leaving with the other girls. Arguing was pointless, we had learned through various knocks, mostly with shoes. This was her house and her word was law.

Grandmother takes her seat next to the music player, green eyes boring into my teal ones. “From the top Anastasia, and do it right.” She snarls the last word, sitting back in her seat as the music begins.

Title: STAY

“C’mon Ana!” Grace calls, looking back towards the other girl as she smiles largely. “Today is the day!

The other girl grunts softly as she pulls herself up and over the mound of discarded, smashed cars. It was the same trek they made every few months as they made their way to the old movie theatre to meet them. They never said anything, just taking their hands and guiding them to the great unknown. It was like a little field trip and at the end of it they got a pat on the head and a piece of candy before they were left to their own devices once more. They never smiled either, these men dressed in all white.

“Do you ever wonder- guh- why they never say anything and why we have to meet them there?” Ana asks, short purple bob shielding her face slightly as she reaches the summit.

“They say things to me!” Grace replies proudly as she begins her descent, humming happily as she jumps from car to car.

“They do?” Ana’s eyes widen as she scrambles to climb down after her. “What do they say?”

“Not a lot, just things like ‘soon’ and ‘just two more visits.’” Grace shrugs, making the last jump to the bottom before giving Ana a childlike smile. “One time one of them asked me how was my knee, but my knee was fine! What do you think that means?”

Ana shrugs in return, nearly stumbling as she makes it to the bottom. “How should I know… Where’s Sadie? And Ellie?”

“They said they’d meet us there.” Grace automatically slips her hand into Ana’s, sticking close as she had been told to do over the course of their time living there.

Ana nods, walking slowly through the broken down ghost town that had become her home over the past years. She sighs quietly, listening as Grace’s voice echos off of the long abandoned buildings as she hums.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here's to a good year!

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Happy new year to you too.

Happy 2017 Plush. Never stop. :rainbowdetermined2:

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