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Pinkie's Parties · 2:42pm Jul 7th, 2015

You guys remember that Cheese Sandwich episode? Where he showed up out of no where and took over Rainbow Dash's party.

Well, I just realized something. At first, yeah, I thought it was rude for Cheese to come in and steal the spotlight under Pinkie when she was planning the party in the first place but then I saw the bigger picture. Guys, she has been planning this party for as long as she's known Rainbow. Remember that storage room they found in season 5? She plans her party YEARS in advance.

And when something doesn't go as planned, that sucks, but when somepony tries to complete throw away your plans after you took the time, bits, and work to make this special. No wonder she got so upset! I mean, he stole the party planning position from her and then during the goof off stole her song (smile). Man, I would be ticked off too.

Now, granted, I ship the two party ponies but I do agree if Pinkie had sat down and explained to Rainbow why it was so important to her the episode would have been a lot shorter (and a lot less Rainbow crushing). Also, Cheese never meant to hurt Pinkie, which he explains later, but he didn't exactly handle the whole situation that well in the first place but at least he made it up to her and Rainbow in the end.

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