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Wow. Visiting this site again was like going back to my old neopets page. So much nostalgia.

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  • 188 weeks
    Where art thou, oh Artichoke?

    Sorry, I'm a bit busy. I had two hobbies before I got a job. Writing here, and developing AI. I hit a wall here with the new changeling episode, but in my AI development, I found a highway.

    Look at my AI! My AI is amazing!

    [link if image doesn't work]

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    0 comments · 270 views
  • 199 weeks
    The New Hive Super Edit

    Just letting you guys know I nearly redid the entire last chapter because of a few complaints I got. (In case re-publishing didn't work.) They were definitely valid, even if I didn't agree 100% with the reasoning behind them, and now I think my story's much better because of the changes I made.

    Keep up the constructive criticism!

    0 comments · 288 views
  • 202 weeks
    Testing testers

    Hello guys. Here's part of what I've been doing while I've been rewriting my main story:


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    0 comments · 214 views
  • 207 weeks
    Would you like a collab?

    I've actually been thinking of adding some collaboration into 'The New Hive' since its inception. I can't really create a realistic representation of humanity all by myself after all.

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    29 comments · 424 views
  • 207 weeks
    Waiting for editors to compile...

    So, my next chapter's done. Just need to wait for editors to do their thing. And from what I can see from the first editor, I made quite a few mistakes.

    Well, now I have guilt-free free time... What should I do... Hmm...

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    4 comments · 250 views

Death and Rebirth · 7:39am Jul 7th, 2015

Report ArtichokeLust · 171 views · #babies #fish
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