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Awesome McAwesome guy that loves MLP and League of Legends.... nuff said.

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  • 291 weeks

    Just currently unemployed. But not for long.

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  • 340 weeks
    Still alive...

    Hey guys, long time to talk.

    I know it's been ages since I released an update to the story, but right now I'm in a bit of a pickle.
    It's work related so I can't really say much about it except that I'm probably gonna resign soon.

    I still want to do this story and finish it. But sad as this is gonna sound...
    Right now, my mind is in too much of a bind to think of TbH.

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  • 356 weeks
    I dub thee, Patricia "Patty" Starr...? (Plus, Dashie update)

    Not sure if I should go with that surname. And to those that don't get the reference... STOP LIVING UNDER A ROCK! IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!

    Follow up Diana/Dashy

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  • 364 weeks
    Updated Spike Bust for To be Human.

    Edit: Longer hair because he hasn't had a haircut, ever!
    Unless of course you count the buzzcut the wonderbolts gave him.

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  • 371 weeks
    Updated May/Fluttershy bust for To be Human

    ... I think I just fell in love...

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New Twilight Bust · 2:14pm Jul 4th, 2015

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