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    I hate when I get like this.

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    One of my poems

    Laying here, on this bed
    Surrounded by darkness
    Having nothing to hold
    Feeling like I'm falling

    Horrible images playing through my head
    As I fall through this abyss
    The temperature is very cold
    Nobody is calling

    My blood is red
    His non existent lips giving me a kiss
    Trying to grab a hold
    But I am still falling

    Fell to the bottom
    I didn't wake up
    I laid there in a ball

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Depression · 9:25am Jul 3rd, 2015

Hey guys,

Lately I've been depressed and it is because of a very stressful point in my life. I am trying to be hopeful and get through it so I can better myself. Also I have figured out that I am envious of some successful writers on here and it sucks because they know how to write and I don't. I am sure that when they first started they got more thumbs down that thumbs up and they grew and wrote better fanfics. I am at the stage where I guess I'm a beginner (I don't know) and I get usually more thumbs down and less thumbs up while I look and see practically everyone else get more thumbs up and less thumbs down and I was dumb for not asking anyone for a little bit of help.

So I am asking if someone can help me with my writing. I'd appreciate it greatly because I want to get better and eventually have one of my stories featured on the site. Just message me if you're interested in helping a beginning writer.

Thanks again.

Aqua the Dragon of Skies

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