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Scootaloo is a teenager that is looking for her calling. Naturally starting within her favorite hobbies (writing, flying, racing, clearing clouds) she starts to see her best friend, Rainbow Dash, is better than her. Rainbow Dash brags about how awesome she is to Scootaloo's face and she starts to feel like she will never have a purpose.

Chapters (2)

The royal couple, Celestia and Twilight, have known each other for a very long time, ever since Twilight was a filly. Now here they are, in a committed relationship and Twilight is now pregnant.

Chapters (1)

Forest Star is just hanging out with his friends. He adores his friends and does his best to help them with their problems no matter what they are, yet when he does something so small that nopony cares because everypony else does it he hates himself and mentally beats himself up for it.

WARNING: some bad language and some gore are in this story.

*this is a self insert story*

Chapters (5)
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