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Hello everyone! I'm a Anime lover, an avid gamer. Kinda a crappy writter but eh im trying

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comment for new stroy ideas. Suggestions needed · 12:47am Jun 27th, 2015

Pleases comment for new ideas. one idea of mine was to do a spyro crossover and have Prince blueblood put a bounty on them at some point but I don't have any idea how to start the fanfiction so comment on any ideas on how to start it pls thanks!! :twilightsmile:

Report DracoBrony · 191 views · #Fanfiction
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Comments ( 1 )

You could always have Spyro do some crazy stunts in the air or some other thing which earns him a good rep and takes away from Blueblood's spotlight causing the noble to move his attentions to Spyro. Maybe after a few challenges Blueblood tricks him into doing something vile in the guise of a challenge which prompts him to put the bounty out on him pretending o be the hero.

As for starting it right off? You could establish Blue blood as someone who is we'll known in he community; maybe even in a narrative form from Blueblood's perspective with something at the end like "but then...'he' came.." Type thing.

These are just my thoughts tough. Ultimately you should write stories the way you want them and let them evolve as they go :) hope I helped somewhat.

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