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  • 231 weeks
    Well then...

    This is going to be my last blog on this page, I guess :applejackunsure:

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  • 243 weeks
    So, I was looking through my steam the other day 「NSFW, kinda, I think it mentions boob somewhere」

    Sakura Clicker Review

    First I repeatedly punched defenseless, skimpily clad, moany women in the boob until they drop their hard earned money.
    Then I took aforementioned money and bought skimpily clad girl mercenaries with it, who help me physically abuse these poor women until they drop more money.

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  • 247 weeks
    I'm kinda dead at the moment

    Don't worry, I'll be back, eventually ^^

    Till then, thank you for reading my stories.

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  • 255 weeks
    Force of Nature Villains

    Today I stumbled on a video that explained the concept of a Force of Nature villain in story telling. I thought it was actually very interesting, since I'm using such villains in the Page of Pride.

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  • 255 weeks
    Moonrise Hype

    If there is something I like more than the show then it is when the fandom makes stuff. Especially when it is very awesome stuff. The moment when the L-train uploaded his symphonic metal opera 'Moonrise' I downloaded it.
    Now turns out that he is going to make another one, and for the first time in like forever I'm really excited :-D

    Here is the audition video.

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Hello Again · 1:31pm Jun 19th, 2015

I've changed.

A lot has happened this year. I've lost some friends, and my beloved proofreader. This all I did while I was Angel, and needless to say the negative connotation has added up to the point that I can't look at Angel without feeling sadness.
Yet I will hold a special place in my heart for her.

I got a few more days till my exams are over, and I will start to write some more from then. I've been very inactive lately, something that I really didn't want to do since I honestly want to write my stories. I've also noticed that my followers count dropped

Well to keep it short (and hopefully not too whiny), I'll be back soon with some new chapters.

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