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  • 230 weeks
    Well then...

    This is going to be my last blog on this page, I guess :applejackunsure:

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  • 241 weeks
    So, I was looking through my steam the other day 「NSFW, kinda, I think it mentions boob somewhere」

    Sakura Clicker Review

    First I repeatedly punched defenseless, skimpily clad, moany women in the boob until they drop their hard earned money.
    Then I took aforementioned money and bought skimpily clad girl mercenaries with it, who help me physically abuse these poor women until they drop more money.

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  • 246 weeks
    I'm kinda dead at the moment

    Don't worry, I'll be back, eventually ^^

    Till then, thank you for reading my stories.

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  • 253 weeks
    Force of Nature Villains

    Today I stumbled on a video that explained the concept of a Force of Nature villain in story telling. I thought it was actually very interesting, since I'm using such villains in the Page of Pride.

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  • 253 weeks
    Moonrise Hype

    If there is something I like more than the show then it is when the fandom makes stuff. Especially when it is very awesome stuff. The moment when the L-train uploaded his symphonic metal opera 'Moonrise' I downloaded it.
    Now turns out that he is going to make another one, and for the first time in like forever I'm really excited :-D

    Here is the audition video.

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Well then... · 4:22pm Feb 6th, 2016

This is going to be my last blog on this page, I guess :applejackunsure:

I kind of lost interest in the brony fandom... Not that I sudenly hate it, and don't want to identify with it. I still love it. I am just not happy with the turns it has taken. The show in particular. Take the cutie mark episode for instance. I hated it... I would have been happier if they had stayed blankflanks for the rest of their days, than what they have now. Part of my hatred for the cutie marks they got is because I've seen so much fanart doing a better job at making cutie marks than they have now.

Second my own fics... I still gonna write... just not pony related anymore. I have plans for rewriting it in a more original way. (For those who don't know this, this is what I originally come from. Original stories, but no idea where to place them, and that is why I am the brony fandom eternally thankful for, a white canvas to project my ideas on).

The idea I have now is to put my stories in a land of time called Chronos. (Not very original, but hey, we're on a planet called Earth so whatever... (I am also not sorry for calling the super zombies "super zombies". If you think about it, if you were a survivor of an Apocalypse, would you bother to come up with a decent name for something that is about to rip out your spine for ropeskipping? No! You would give it a simple name so you can convey the message that something is coming to kill you as fast as possible. Also they're too big to use your spine for ropeskipping... they could use your intestines though... It is 6 meters after all...)) A place where giant clocks are scattered over the whole planet. They keep track of time. In fact they are the source of all time... so what do you do if the clock stops moving? The idea is that every clock provides time for a certain region. Only the clock in the Capital is one that never stops. If a clock stops moving special Clockworkers go to the stopped clock with pocketwatches filled with time, and fix it.

But I am digressing...
I'm moving to Deviantart. I don't think that I have to explain what Deviantart is, so I won't. But if you liked my stories, you would do me a favor by giving me a watch over there. :-)

Also, I want to apologise for the randomness in my blogs, I just never knew what I should post. So I figured something is better than nothing. Anyways. That's it. Give me a watch. Cya

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