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Author of The Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing. Hoping to write more when time presents itself.

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  • 510 weeks
    The Long and Winding Road

    So yeah. It's been a while, huh? I can try and blame a vast multitude of things on why I haven't been doing really anything recently, but that'd only be half true.

    But making excuses for my lack of activity isn't why I'm here right now.

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  • 533 weeks
    Okay, maybe they weren't too exaggerated after all.

    11 days without power or heat. That's what that damn hurricane did to me. I'll see what I can put together because I haven't posted anything in far too long.

    Also the new eps were pretty good. Couple of interesting tidbits that I think hint at things yet to come.

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  • 536 weeks
    The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

    I am alive, I do plan on resuming updating, and I think you're all swell.

    I'll be writing a short one-off for the Halloween event for the TCB group, similar to my Jersey Devil story from last year; just not in that same format. Let's see if these last two months haven't sapped my ability to write.

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  • 545 weeks

    Yeah so remember when I said that I was going to work on that sequel to Last Man Standing as my NoPoWriMo entry? Lots of stuff came up that prevented me from feeling any kind of desire to write. At all.


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  • 548 weeks
    End of a story

    So Ten Days is done! I'll toss an epilogue up when I get around to it, but right now I'm working on the opening chapter to my LMS sequel. I was going to make it an awesome adventure story, but because my brain isnt working nice, I'm dropping that and taking it another route, something more localized and simpler. Something that'll pull me out of my comfort zone.

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~~ · 2:28am Jul 20th, 2012

TEN DAYS. IT WILL FINISH TOMORROW. I GUARANTEE IT. I love having done these last few updates every day, but unfortunately they require a substantial amount of time to put together.

BUT I FINISHED MY CALCULUS 5 CLASS TODAY SO THAT MEANS I HAVE A LOT MORE TIME TO WRITE. After my prior engagements that I have planned for the weekend, I will have something else to post for you all.

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I just hope you weren't boozing it up during that calc class. You know what they say: Friends don't let friends drink and derive.

239379 There's a terrible synergy here: math and writing. Both the related college majors are known to be rife with casual alcoholism.



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