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The kind of a person I do NOT want to become · 12:32pm May 14th, 2015

It is really weird, somehow the fandom has become dormant, dry, I don't know what is happening but a lot of artists I've been following since I entered the fandom have been too quiet for my taste.

It's not a bad thing. Interests change, and sometimes working in only one fandom may make someone lose interest, or just burned out. I've heard the same from other persons in other fandoms. The youtuber Spumwack is one of the best examples. He started as a Vanilla-Minecraft-Youtuber only. After a while he wanted to do some mods. Then he moved over to doing playthroughs of other games. Now he stopped doing all the gameplay things and started making science videos.

Spumwack changed, but he never denied his former content. And then you have this guy... I'm sure most bronies are familiar with Commandspry. He is a talented musician, and has made a lot of brony themed content. But for some reason, and mind my language, the fuck decided to take down all the brony content he created, and reupload it under different names. It is ok to leave a fandom, it is ok to suddenly hate the fandom. What isn't ok is to deny your own work. It is not ok to wipe out the identity of your content.

Do you remember this song? I don't.

I remember this one, and frankly, I'm sure it will be this one that people will remember. This is the song, the true song. The song where he put heart and soul into making it.
The "new" one he uploaded is fake, a shadow of what it once was: the song about a mare who's life is determined by music. (interpretations of this song may vary)
I hate it, and I'm disgusted by how Commandspry betrayed his own art. It would have been completely fine if he had just left the fandom and created new songs, new content. But by doing this I think he betrayed his own art.

And it is this kind of person I do not want to become. If you can't be proud of what you make, then don't do art.

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Comments ( 2 )

It is indeed, quite frustrating. I don't think the fandom is dying, but the 'spark' for some artists is simply fading away with time. It doesn't mean that new artists, musicians, youtubers, won't appear though. It's just a matter of time.

3069078 The fandom is indeed far from dying. And I'm more than convinced that we will be here for many more years to come. But the behaviour of Commandspry is ridiculous. He could have done the exact the same thing as Evening star and make another channel to create non-pony related content (Of course Evening star is still in the fandom, but you get the point :twilightsmile:). It just makes me mad that someone who calls himself an artist would be ashamed of his former content.

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