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Ode to a Brick · 5:41pm Apr 20th, 2015

I wrote this in my writing class. Enjoy.

Ode to a Brick

The mouse is slow and yet
My CAT can’t track it down.
The RAM sits frozen in
Some cooling fluid, drowns.
How much did I pay for this cheap steel hunk?

The bus is parked at last,
The driver still won’t go.
It sits in stark contrast
To my temper, which grows.
I must have been scammed, this thing’s pure junk.

The bugs got in the house.
They broke what I installed.
This screen can’t keep them out,
Nor can the firewall.
In terms of performance, it clearly flunked.

I’ve kicked it with my shoe
And cursed it all the while,
And yet it still won’t boot,
Can’t open up a file.
What else can I say? My laptop’s a clunk.

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Comments ( 8 )

I gather you're a bit upset at your computer

I've already got its replacement lined up. Just got to save up the money.

3002468 well, hopefully this new one doesn't bitch out on you

I hope it won't. But to be fair to the one I have now, it wasn't always so bad. Hell, I had this laptop back when I was writing on ponyfictionarchive and didn't even know what FIMFiction was. Four years can do a lot to a laptop, and this one hasn't aged well.

3002475 such a shame
I've had my old PC for almost four years now itself

My parents kept one of their PCs for more than six years. They got a new one five or six years ago, but if I remember correctly, it was still running Windows XP at the time. So now I actually feel nostalgia when I look at this thing:

3002502 oh god, right in the feels
that might just be a heart attack though

Hopefully. Heart attacks aren't that bad, but there's no telling how long it will take for your feels to recover.

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