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  • 468 weeks
    I'm Basically Done

    I hate to say it, but I've moved on from fan fiction, and really the whole brony community as a whole. As with all things, you just get bored of it eventually, and I think that times has come for me. Who knows, maybe I'll have time for this stuff later in life, but I think it's time to say goodbye. I've been spending a lot of time working on music and stuff; my band is playing at the Burlington

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    Private Groups

    Because we don't already have skype for that.
    (in all seriousness, cool feature, and will be good for those who don't have skype)

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    So I haven't been on here very much in the last two weeks. I've been keeping busy with things, schools things, and adjusting to taking more hours at my job. I'm also not feeling particularly inspired in terms of ponyfic, but I do have some ideas I want to write before I call writing quits (which will probably happen within the next year, honestly. Though I'll probably still pop in here as long as

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  • 474 weeks
    Bernie Sanders is running for President

    Now I don't have to vote for somebody I hate in my first ever year of eligibility.

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    Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

    So today, after spending all day studying for my upcoming AP exam, working 8 hours at my new* job, and then doing more of the same, I decided to unwind and try and catch up on season 4, which I admittedly never finished. And what do I get when unwinding? An episode about fracking tests for Baltar's sake. It's like mlp is trying to tell me to study instead of wasting time watching cartoons. Joke's

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Bernie Sanders is running for President · 9:16pm Apr 28th, 2015

Now I don't have to vote for somebody I hate in my first ever year of eligibility.

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who is that?

>mfw not voting for Waka Flocka :rainbowwild:

Bernie Sanders is one of the two most famous American socialist politicians (Elizabeth Warren is the other one). He's a senator from Vermont, which is where I live, and he's widely known in the far left political circles that I inhabit.

Ahh, Bernie's running! Excellent! There's hope yet for America

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