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National Poetry Month: Poem 3 · 5:55pm Apr 18th, 2015

Now that it's been a while after the episode aired, here's my next poem, about one of my favorite video game series:

Hλlf-Life in a Nutshell

Resonance Cascade
They said it wouldn’t happen
To Gordon Freeman,
But they had an odd sample,
Brought by the G-Man.
Black Mesa happened that day.
Freeman pushed it in,
Sparks flew through the test chamber.
Earth made first contact,
But it was disasterous.
Twenty years later,
The situation is worse.
We are ruled by them,
The Combine, oppressively.
Populance shrinking,
Resources picked to the bone.
It took the Combine
Seven hours to beat Earth,
But it took one man
And a crowbar to fight back.
The Combine panicked
And sent a distress signal--
City 17
Was completely demolished.
A Superportal
Was created, but alas
The One Free Man came
And stopped them in their tracks, thus
Winning back the Earth.
Now he’s gone to the North Pole,
To Borealis.
What untold secrets lie there?
Valve won’t say a thing.

It was originally supposed to be a series of haikus, but it just escalated from there.

Good night, and good luck.

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