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Violet Fire Chapter 7 and Mio Viaggio a Italia! · 4:56am Jul 13th, 2012

Howdy, mates! Been a long time since I made an update and apology post. You guys probably know how it's gonna go down, but I'm going to do it anyway, because I'm actually a little embarrassed about why I'm late with the chapter. Once again, little bump on the road with a minor case of writer's block, but that wasn't really it. Aside from a few other factors, I got caught up in another personal project. As you probably don't know, I'm hooked on video editing, specially After Effects kinda stuff. I recently got an idea for a PMV and I spent most of my time researching, planning and editing the thing. Which cut in my writing time.

For that I am sorry.

So, on with the 'please check this stuff out and find some kindness in your heart to forgive me' package!

Rainboom Reading is a great show I watched about... 5 minutes ago. Really, it's very good. It's essentialy a reading of fanfics, but they put a great amount of work. They have voice actors, a variety of narrators, sound effects person (sound designer? That's what I'd call him shrugs) and some funny comments. This first episode features 3 stories: In Another Castle [Slice of Life] [Sad?], Funeral Fit for a DJ [Sad] and Pinkie watches paint dry [Comedy] [Random]. They are all great stories, you might have heard of them or not, but check these guys out. Who knows? If I ever finish Violet Fire I might send it to them. Not for now, though, they only accept Complete fics.

Okay, that's all for now... Alright, alright, I'll fess up! I actually had some other things to suggest, but you guys probably heard about them, like Idea Channel, Children of the Nigh (Animatic) and some old flash animations (you see what I did there?)

Finally, to end this long post that contributes with pretty much nothing, but works as a way for me to say I'm sorry for the delay, a very important piece of news...

I'm going to visit Italy, mates!!!!

Visiting the country of great food and fantastic art is, in itself, a once in a lifetime experience. I'm not saying it because I flipping love the italian language or because I have a one hundred year old lineage of italian blood running through my veins. It's because the country is amazing in itself. But what the hay does that have to do with fanfics?

Well, It's a family trip, where my aunt, uncle and cousing will be joining us and we don't see them very often. It's something we've been planning for over a year and discussing the subject for even more. Plus, my family is not only descendent from there, but also very, very proud of our lineage (I love the word 'lineage'). In other words, I'll be plenty busy.

VIOLET FIRE IS NOT GOING INTO HIATUS!!!! I'll be taking my notebook with me. I have MS Word, I have pony music, so I should be able to at least do something. I'm not that irresponsible after all.

The biggest problem will be editing. If I don't get internet connection there because I can't find the time to stay still for more than five minutes, then I can't upload the stories or even try to talk with my editors and proofreaders. So, I'm basically saying I ahve no clue about updates but as far as writing goes, I'll keep going at it like crazy.

That's it? Carl, let's do a head count. Apology, explanation, videos, Italy, Violet Fire is not stopping... is that all?

Oh Carl, you always no what to say :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 7 )

That picture... I have a sense of Deja Vu...

Also, you're going to be in bloody Italy. The home of Rome. The second-to-last European Country outside the Balkans to get its act together (finally uniting in 1861, but not fully until 1871), the birthplace of possibly the greatest Empire in the history of this planet (the group the Doctor calls when he has a problem), and most importantly, the place where legend has it, pizza got its start.... :pinkiegasp:

Plus, it's in Europe. I'm jealous.

I think you can take some You Time for a bit, just update when/if you get the chance. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice! Eat some pasta for me, would you?:pinkiehappy: When are you heading out?

Sunday. Plenty of time to think of a prompt. I have a feel ideas in my head, but none are as good as last one's :fluttercry:

229751 No way! so soon? I feel bad that you will have so little time to be on with us when it's your prompt in the first place.:fluttercry: When are you coming back?

the 2nd or the 3rd. It's a long trip, but as I said, I'll try my hardest to find some internet connection there to pop in every once in a while :pinkiesmile:

Alright. Just make sure to have as much fun as you can while you are there. Vacations like that are SO AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

Spero ti sia piaciuta la nostra pizza
(Hope you liked our pizza)

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