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Been a... "while" · 10:49pm Nov 8th, 2012

Howdy, mates! Long time no write. The keyword being "write".

Most of you must be wondering what happened to me and, more importantly, my stories. Violet Fire hasn't had an update in... way too long. As a writer, I am truly ashamed and as a brony, even more. I believe, deep in my heart, that the brony community can bring out the inner good in someone and even their best and most innate abilities. Truly, as I often say, without MLP and the bronies in general, I don't think I would be where I stand now. Perhaps, as a collateral effect of growing so much, I have begun to broaden the reach of my potential as well as my interests. As I stand now I have on my "doing" list:

- Working as SPFX animator for "Double Rainboom" and "Journey of the Spark".
- 2 3D animations I am working on for a college project, all by my lonesome.
- 1 game, designed, programmed and animated by myself
- 1 game project for children with Williams-Beuren Syndrome
- Tests and random exercises
- Job interview for potential Game Design Intern in Berlin.
- 3 youtube shows on the brainstorming and equipment research stages.

Plus sleeping and eating. But those are rather pointless, after all, I have my cappuccinos, right? And cookies, never forget them. But regardless, I have been pretty busy. Too busy to even check Fimfic. I only entered the website 3 times this whole semester and I was only able to write part of the next chapter of Violet Fire. I actually begun writing 3 other stories, but quickly gave up on them, since they were too silly and I can't manage 2 stories at the same time with this crazy schedule, which also forced me to reduce my plans for Violet Fire a lot. I mean it. Like, 70% of the stuff I was planning? Up in smoke. If I didn't, I would be writing the next Goddamn Potter series and only finish it after years!

So, what am I getting at?

I am sorry to inform, but Violet Fire will be going on hiatus. It will not be cancelled, it will not remain incomplete. I need time, which is something very little in my hands at the moment, but once these next 3 weeks are over, I should be more available to writing.
And no EQD for me anytime soon. My editors said I should rewrite the first chapters, and seeing I'm having trouble squeezing time to write new chapter, rewriting old ones is not on my future plans at the moment.

Once more, I am truly sorry for letting you all down, but please understand I cannot bend myself in two.

Would it make you guys forgive me if I said I was able to include ponies in the game I'm making? And that, once it's completed (the alpha, that is) I'll release it so everyone can play and have a little laugh at it? It's nothing much, but it's a good 5 minute fun to look at the pony related things I made. I do intend to polish it better and expand the game during December and January.

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Wow! Good for you, Nag! Though I miss Violet Fire, I'm certainly very pleased and impressed with your initiatives otherwise!

I'm looking forward to Double Rainboom. Good luck with the internship - kick some flank! WOO!

Dude, busy, busy, busy. :rainbowderp:

Impressive stuff, good luck! Let me know when you want me to poke at Violet Fire again!

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